2015 Toyota Corolla vs. 2015 Volkswagen Golf

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Slimecrazy234 says:

Why are you comparing a $23k car to a $32k car, the nearly $10k difference
in price makes these cars incomparable both in terms of the types of buyers
and how good they are.

AutoGuide.com says:
kenbefound says:

Did we hear what the Golf got for actual mileage in comparison to the

MrGovenator1 says:

The thing about the Corolla is that if you like cars at all, you will never
own one.

David S says:

Once again Toyota will be ten times more reliable then the junk from

Dylan Wood says:

Just started working at VW. Proud to sell the Golf 🙂 

Anthony Flexas- Flexas says:

From my personal experience you buy a Toyota for reliability, which when
spending your hard earned cash is a very compelling reason alone… Vw has
a very bad stigma that they are unreliable fix that and VW will get more

juan tafoya says:

I still prefer the Mazda 3 over the bland styled Golf.

kwk1 says:

Corolla has a lot less room for the driver, my observations.

juan tafoya says:

Forgot to mention the most obvious reason why it outsells it 10 to 1:
reliability and longevity. People dont like to keep repairing and keep
spending extra money to fix volkswagens thats why more people buy Corollas.

PinoyShuffle says:

Personally hate new Corollas, but they are a lot more reliable than Golfs

godfatherNYC says:

These are very different cars. For example, only a retard would buy the
Corolla over the Golf.

Aaron Walker says:

One more example that motor journalists have absolutely no clue and will
always default to sportiness and more power! In there opinion the VW is
much better but, it doesn’t have the sales numbers to compare. It’s not
just about value but needs and the carolla meet the needs of a lot of
people. I must say that the auto journalists are good for a chuckle.

BarryEssex says:

Huh? So how is it worth the extra $? You guys didn’t really explain that. I
thought you would conclude the Corolla was better.

R Oz says:

While not a big fan of Japanese made cars, but in this case I’d take the
Corolla over the Golf. Golf for American market – is made in Mexico. Not
buying any vehicle made in Mexico, has nothing to do with the workers
skills, has to do with Management treatment of those workers. Just like I
wouldn’t buy any car made in China.

I’d take the Mazda 3 over the Corolla (and over the Honda)

Ara J says:

granted the golf is more fun , much nicer intiror , and even better looking
but and a big but , it lacks the reliability that Toyota has …and
repairing any vw electric problem with in a few years will cost you a
fortune …plus don’t forget the resell value and just value for money the
corolla offers

Ultimatemxcn says:

If you fit in both of them… with the exception of the engine you really
do get more with the corolla for your dollar. I am as a big of a petrol
head as it gets dont get me wrong. But if I was buying an econobox today
and had only these 2 choices id save the money and get the Rolla. Another
thing to consider is it will be much easier to get a great deal on a
corolla than it would a golf since Toyota moves so many of them.

crazy wheel says:

I do believe that Toyota makes good cars (I have never owned one) but at
least to me the design on most of the cars is one of the worst

godfatherNYC says:

Corolla needs a hatch version, or even a hot hatch version! (So does the
Civic- they used to come in a great hatchback.) Golf is only a hatch but
*practically* does come as a sedan- the Jetta.

TEDdotcom says:

Critics would choose the Golf but the masses would choose the Corolla. A
better pairing would be the Mazda 3 versus the Golf.

john914 says:

You should have compared it to the Jetta instead.

AGA 34 says:

try to sell both cars a year or two so corolla still gonna be around 13-14k
but vw value 2-3k $ .

Toyota4Life says:

Corolla is the better choice. This model golf the Corolla is better then.
For what these cars will be used for the Corolla is better everyday car.

Simon Riley says:

Wow you improved your lisp!

1czelaya says:

I will admit, overall, the Golf is a more enjoyable car to drive. However,
I’ve known too many VW owners who do all the maintenence on their cars and
still have expensive reliability problems over the long term. When it
finally came to purchasing a car it was between a GTI or RSX-S. The Acura
was just far too reliability and visiting the VW forums I realized they
were too problematic. 150,000 miles later my RSX hasn’t given me one
problem and I redline all the time to 8000 rpm. I’ve done an oil analysis,
not one thing wrong with the engine. That’s why ultimately makes many
people decide to pick Toyota and Honda over brands like VW.

Kamaka Chang says:

Why do the British regard VW as reliable and Americans do not? I don’t
think German built VWs have fared any better than those built in Mexico.
Both agree on the solid reputation of Toyota. 

armourdaddy805 says:

tnx for the video.corolla is a work horse and itss about time they give
bolt on options like supercharger,brakes,suspention and fiberglass windows
.world loves corolla and numbers dont lie.the best seller of all times

Nima Bahrehdar says:

You didn’t take into consideration the design of Golf, which is similar to
its 90s! VW doesn’t have a design department at all!

Ivan Vojt says:

No mention of reliability. Where is Craig Cole!

People buy Corolla’s due to the low maintenance costs.

I agree the Corolla front seats are OK, the Civic front seats are perfect
but of course the Civic 2nd row is below average.

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