2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI | Driven: Car Review | The New York Times

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The classic silhouette of the Volkswagen Golf hasn’t changed much in 40 years, but its high-end touches and fuel-efficient power make it a good value. Produced by: Tom Voelk/Driven Read…


xDominar says:

It’s a great car, love my MK7 1.8t. With and engine tune or simple power
module, the engine REALLY wakes up and goes to and beyond GTI territory.

noduleman says:

What?? Consumer Reports showing VW reliability now as “average”?? Please
look again pal, 2015 Consumer Reports
new car reviews lists the Golf as “much worse than average”!! NOT worse
than average, MUCH worse than average!

Kenneth Eng says:

Finally an upload! Please do a review on the GTI! Im going to watch your
old review on the MK6 in the mean time

Kyle Goodman says:

Bought mine this past Saturday and could not be happier. It’s an awesome

ddo93 says:

was waiting patiently for this review. love this guy 

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