2015 VW Golf Sportwagen TDI 0-60 MPH & MPG & Track Review

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http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 2015 VW Golf Sportwagen TDI is a European diesel wagon that’s fighting against the current crossover craze in the United States. In this TFLcar review Nathan brings…


fantomtuba says:

Hey, I saw the milage test on the Silverado on TFL Truck and saw the 30
second thing at the gas pump. Can you explain that exactly? Does that
mean it takes 30 seconds for the gas to travel from the tubes down to the

Ricky Julian says:

Yes, I think doing 10-15min reviews is best

The Fast Lane Car says:
Mohammad Sadiqi says:

For some reason this wagon looks outdated already

2014andBeyonD says:

Americans are more enthusiastic about European cars than Europeans about
American cars. Except of course for one.. the P85D.

Matt b says:

Loved the longer review 

Kobbetop says:

Longer videos are better, short ones are just like TV and TV is dying, so I
hope you will do more of these longer ones!

Aaron Fink says:

Should have no problem getting 50 mpg at 75 mpg once that engine is nicely
worn in. I bet you could see 70 mpg on some 45-50 mph back roads.

GT6SuzukaTimeTrials says:

Now we just need the Golf GTD. I’d gladly own both.

andyhoov says:

I very much enjoyed this review. You guys covered all the bases, from the
practical stuff like storage space and fuel economy to the more enthusiast
oriented stuff like 0-60 times and handling. I would love to see more
content like this.

Also, am I the only one who kind of liked how the engine sounded from
inside the car? From the outside it wasn’t much, but inside I liked it.

Bruce Solomon says:

The resonator is already oxidizing.

milisavp says:

This is much more interesting and relevant than short reviews.

zech007 says:

How many gallons did it consume in that 100 mile loop.

Jason A says:

I really like this new review style. it is detailed and good! thank you

Bruce Solomon says:

Does the horse get you into the HOV lane?

Adrian B says:

Is there an AWD version?

amadeus999 says:

4WD/AWD version in the future?

Nathan Spence says:

I like these….2 thumbs up. 

Mark K says:

Good stuff appreciated the extra details. 

A Shot in the Dark says:

I like the review,best yet. the car looks too cheap for the money the Jetta
and Jetta wagon look(ed) so much better to me. VW Gulf scream CHEAP.

Douglas Izzo says:

Really enjoyed the longer, detailed review! Length of about ~ 10 – 15
minutes is fantastic. Good content and informative!

Roger Meldal says:

Make more of this longer reviews. Its more information in a better way. 

Lucky man says:

Today is my birthday and you uploaded…a VW,well better this than nothing.

Antenox says:

I have an Audi A3 TDI with the same engine as this thing. I love that
236-lb-ft of torque! It really makes the car feel eager to run, even if it
can’t run very fast.

Víctor Marcel Rodrigues Araujo says:

This new style of review is really cool. Please keep that!

Andrew Hocker says:

I think your longer reviews are fantastic! Keep them up!

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