A Game Golf Instruction How-To Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

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visit www.AGameGolfInstruction.com for hundreds of golf instruction videos. This golf instruction video explains different causes for hitting a slice and gives you some methods and drills that you can use to stop slicing the golf ball. This golf video covers essential points of a solid setup and golf swing to prevent slicing the golf ball including the golf grip, mechanics of the slice, getting the correct swing plane and swing path, learning what correct release looks like and how to release the golf club correctly and effectively, and correct golf ball position at address. This golf instruction video illustrates some golf drills to help you make changes and eliminate your slice showing overhead and side views so you can easily see how to implement the changes into your golf swing.


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james eadie says:

try putting you club head to the outside of the ball. this will stop you coming outside to in.

crazysniper82 says:

just tried the strong grip and it is a lot harder to release the ball but much better than hitting out of bounds. thanks a lot, great vid

crazysniper82 says:

just tried the strong grip and it is a lot harder to release the ball but much better than hitting out of bounds. thanks a lot, great vid

slog63 says:

you gave me a few ideas… many thanks

JudgementKn1ght says:

absolutely great advice

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healthnut4life48 says:

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johnmysterio001 says:

great vid, i tried doing the “release” practice in the garden with one hand, on my first try i took out a giant divot, my mum wasn’t best pleased, great vid though, i cant wait to try and hit a proper golf ball

torusknot1 says:

fixing the swing plane worked for me…i just went up practining and i was hitting it straight almost every time..THANKS SO MUCH!!!

torusknot1 says:

Wow thanks soooo much. I just went out and practiced for about an hour and it was all in my swing plane. i was hitting it straight almost every time…THANKS SO MUCH!

NEWtigerw says:

Hello I would be very apprecate if you visit my channel and left comments on my swing! Thanks you!

acostatronix says:

Excellent tips, quite easy to understand the fundamentals because of the uncluttered way you’ve explained them, you’re actually quite a good coach!

jpsokol says:

Good video the clearly shows the basics behind proper technique…

jpsokol says:

Good video the clearly shows the basics behind proper technique…

RedwoodGeorge says:

Good tips, clear explanations – one of the best instructional video’s I’ve seen lately! I’ll be trying the “three balls” method to tame my outside-in swing next time I’m on the range…

slayer63b says:

I think this will help. Also, I went to a baseball grip from a overlapping one and somehow it worked too.

rob j says:

Awesome video!!!

I watched this video, then changed my grip to a “stronger grip” immediately cured my slice and added roughly 30 yards average to my drive

riceburnagtv says:

Great vid! The only thing that has corrected my slice was actually opening the face of the driver but this is obviously to compensate for bringing the club down across my swing plane.Thanks hapes for putting this up.Unfortunately I have learnt how to play quite well using my open clubface technique so im sure to go back a couple of steps before swinging the right way starts working for me.Such is golf huh!

nousernamessowhyask says:

Snuff Box!!! My Wifes Excited!

SniperMonkey201 says:

Great video!! Helped me so much! Thanks.

climbtraditional says:

Excellent advice and very clear examples.  Thanks so much!!

emet7 says:

Thanks!! very good video!

Edgecrusher28 says:

I have watched about 50 help videos on slicing the ball, this was the one that finally helped me drive the ball straight!!!

Thank you!!!!

AGameGolf says:

Can you be more specific with the question?

robb1031 says:

rotate forearms not hands yes?

MikePedersenGolfTips says:

What a great camera angle.

stegsie says:

Excellent Video.

I have been trawling though Youtube looking for some tips, and yours had it all in one.

Execellent job!

54spiritedwill54 says:

great video!

Chito Valdez says:

Great camera angles and great ideas on how to ilustrate the drills, congratulations¡¡

Tonetruk says:

I regularly come back to your video,when I feel I start lacking the fundamentals,out on the course.For some reason,the linolium background really helps to illustrate what you are talking about and you also keep it really simple.

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