A Short Lesson on The Impact Method of Golf

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Join PGA pro RIck Woodson with one of his students today as they go over a basic drill to get into to proper impact position.


bizallin says:

Very Good Drill.. I like Ricks no nonsense demeaner.

1SharonSharalike1 says:

You can’t turn your hips if you haven’t shifted your weight onto your front leg, because you’re trying to pivot around two posts instead of one. Get onto your front leg and turning your hips is natural. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important that the swing start from the ground up. Your feet start the weight shift, your hip rotate, your upper body starts, and only after all that does the club start.

seckziee says:

Lookin at the student there is no way anyone would want to go to him, he treats him like shit

solo55flight says:

Rick – @ 2:00 you make a VERY meaningful comment for me – that the arms finishing higher up indicates that they’ve outrun the body – lost connection, etc.

I always knew by FEEL that something wasn’t quite spot-on,
& now I know WHY; and can practice w/ greater awareness, Thanks ~

CaptainAndrewWiggins says:

don’t like the way he man handles and treats his student

steckleinjr says:

this kid is generating some serious speed!

hardcoremofo says:

thats my problem, i know i need to turn my hips but it just won’t turn. 

chinabear3 says:

Another bad habit I intend to do. Very helpful tip, I need to keep reminding myself about this.

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