Adam Scott Slow Motion Golf Swing Vision

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Close golf lesson get power, accuracy and consistency. Add amazing distance to every drive and cut your handicap by up to twelve strokes.


TheZenbudda says:

For what you’re about to read, I’m not suggesting that “I know I’m right”.
I’m merely proposing a different view from “what it is I am hearing”. The
narrator states “the key to his golf swing is that the shoulders and the
arms match all the way through the golf swing”. This is entirely false.
You can clearly see that the ONLY time the shoulders and the arms match
are at takeaway and immediately before and after impact. This is further
proven by the fact that the narrator states just before impact “matches
up”. He shouldn’t need to say “matches up” if his arms and shoulders are
always matched. The fact that they don’t match is exactly what leads to
lag. Am I missing something else with what the narrator is trying to say?

petereuropa says:

Perfect driver swing.

Santeri Pulkkinen says:

Masters, just sayin

Buzzefc91 says:

Its like looking in the mirror, my swing is almost identical

mrjamesgrimes says:

looks almost exactly like Tiger circa 1997

Cameron Lippoldt says:

Haha try getting the club shallower

Max wimmier says:

It should be illegal on how nice his swing is~!!!

Marcus says:

Now thats what i call a golf swing…

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