Backswing Golf Lesson Club Face Control

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iPhone app Mark Crossfield helps a YouTube viewer with his golf lesson. Watch this video instruction to see how a flat backswing with a closed clubface can cause faults in your golf swing. Improve your swing with better clubface control and improve your swing plane for straighter golf shots.


Frederik juul Skafte says:

Is it the same club path, and swing plane with the driver 🙂
really enjoy your vids

MrGlizz says:

I love this <3 <3<3<3<3<3

Skyking6976 says:

Thank you Mark for taking the time to make ALL the videos and post them on YouTube Mark. Life has been in the way the past few years and from selecting clubs to the actual swing, no one has helped me more. This particular video Showa the fault I have which has caused me lots of back pain. Now the swing is SO much easier AND powerful with no back pain. Really cool to hear the ball hissing to the target and landing much closer to the target. It’s as if the target is my focus, not “hitting the bal

pjbbae says:

why dont you coach tiger woods on how to win. you should be scouted by tw

4golfonline says:

thanks for watching

Alansmithpage says:

Best golf coach on Youtube, every lesson a gem!

Lawrence841 says:

Mark, What program do you use on your Mac for viewing and diagraming golf swings? And what video camera do you use? Your videos are always first class. You never disappoint. Keep them coming.

toddx318 says:

Great vid!

Whitekraine says:

His weight is going forward on the back swing and it looks as if he’s taking the club back with his arms and not with a shoulder turn.

Wsj1994 says:

Thanks mark, this is the problem I’ve always had, coming under plane and either hitting big hooks or high blocks.

Going to give this a shot today.

JMRTNG says:

from just watching your videos and a little range work on my own, I have shaved about 8-10 strokes off my game this year… thank you!

MrElculver2424 says:

This one was perfect for me. I went out today and played 18 holes and I have problems with clubface control. Not the same problem as this guy had…mine is the opposite, I always have an open clubface at impact, and it goes to the right. So this video helped me a little. I just have to practice getting it square at impact and I’ll hit straighter shots.

20robo09 says:

These tips are amazing. I was doing a similar thing with my club face and didn’t know that it was wrong. Thanks very much for this free lesson.

Bremau5 says:

I`m an 8 handicap with a similar swing, I have a tendancy to flip the wrists too much to counteract the swing causing a pull, and when I`m not on my game it goes either straight right or I pull it badly, I`ve been trying to work on getting a more on plane swing so this advice is great, thx

Paddy Broadley says:

Do you have any fixes for a player who is relatively new to golf, but is decent, who often shanks the ball or sees it come off the face straight as an arrow but right?

4golfonline says:

Thanks for your comments

mccoya2 says:

Thanks, i get a lot of benefit from your videos. Keep ’em coming!

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