Ben Hogan Golf Swing

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A very brief pointer from the man himself.


Boxnation31 says:


Lasandra Ochs says:

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dessyg says:

Does hogan have a reverse pivot there?

1012ryno says:

youre an idiot hogan did not have a strong grip. no where in either of his books did he say that he uses a strong grip or advocate a strong grip. get your facts straight before you start throwing out accusations

lonestargun says:

Hogan with his then clubs Vs today’s tour player.. Who would u bet on? Yeah that’s what I thought

lonestargun says:

Imagine Hogan playing with today’s Equipment & some pro V ‘1’s. yeah he’ll show you “Average” …lmao

OrpheusNexusOzone8 says:

I love to help people hit the target too.

I know helped me save strokes.

TadRapidly says:

freeze at 1:09… look at that position!

Mizunomx23 says:

if a player had a nasty case of the hooks with a strong grip, you wouldnt tell him to keep the grip and change his equipment. changes could be made to the grip, stance, angle of the wrists at the top of the backswing etc. hogan was brilliant and the best given his circumstances but what i said still is true

Mizunomx23 says:

he played with one of the strongest grips i have ever seen, all knuckles showing from his left hand. second, each face of his irons were angled with the face bent open. also, his irons were set up with negative degrees of bounce, not that thats really important. his grip was designed to hit the ball left, his irons designed to hit the ball right. why would this be? i just said his swing benefited him by creating the offsetting factors that just made everything “click” and worked for him.

SabbaghProductions says:

I think the secret to hogans swing is his flat swing. Look at any video dtl of his swing and you’ll see what I mean his right forearm is perpendicular to the ground whilst most pros is at a 60 to 75 degree angle

Nat Senior says:

I’d have loved to have played 18 with Mr Hogan. To see how he managed his game would be a lesson in itself

Alex Shek says:

Awesome video on swing. Post to coach my to help more players

devans6151 says:

Hands, arms , shoulders swing back together!

Madisonrvr says:

yeah i love that. my response: if you don’t mind, mr. hogan, i’m going to try to copy your every move.

svendo123 says:

This IS the “SECRET” to the golf swing. Make no mistake about it. Understand this concept and you will play golf 1000% better.

Ben had such a wonderful swing. Poetry in Motion…BRILLIANT

alex10for2 says:

more skilled? or better athletes? there’s a distinction. If Hogan were in his 30’s he’d be destroying today’s fields. This isn’t the glorification of an icon, this is treating him like the legend he was/is. Hogan was the Michael Jordan of Golf.

miwamiwakodomogaiku says:


gillslit says:

Ed Chapman…while I appreciate your respect for Hogan, I can’t agree with you. Name me ANY sport where the athletes and their respective skills are not better than 50 years ago. There is not one sport, and I’m afraid to say that golf falls into this same trend.

TheOnemanga2 says:

oh i dont mind at all if u demonstrate mr.hogan

qiacft says:

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Scotty5853 says:

Who the fuck would dislike this video????????

ed chapman says:

The man 3 weeks ago says he can see. I won’t call you a fool – let’s just
say your impressions are naive. If you’ve really observed these so-called
“top players” of today, then surely you are aware of how they can’t seem
to find a fairway – THESE JERKS CAN’T HIT IT STRAIGHT!!!! Not only did
Hogan rarely miss a fairway, he could place it in exactly the right spot to
give him the best angle to the flag. No one today can come close to this
man in striking a golf ball – NO ONE!!!

FaceDirt says:

Even in death, still a living legend. All tour players try to copy that move. They always will.

brainysnaeha says:

You gotta have to give more respect to Ben’s colleague,Mike Austin.
Mike swing looks a lot like ben’s both are great ball strikers but Mike long game is much better than ben though.

hlsque says:

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mooislk says:

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stackleft says:

One thing that I respect about some of these old timers is they didn’t have video, they didn’t have instructors watching over their every shot, they didn’t have shrinks or personal trainers traveling with them. They played with shitty equipment. For the most part, they’re self taugh and grooved their own swings. To me, that’s more impressive than what the guys do today.

AdamBMXOdyssey says:

When he says hes gonna hit a shot if “you don’t mind” i think “Ben of course we dont mind!

elnocho3 says:

……so only fair way to conclude this argument is to say Hogan was the best of his era, Nicklaus the best of his, and Tiger is the best of the current era.

elnocho3 says:

Some very strange comments here. Saying Hogan would be average in comparison to today’s players?!
Most professionals who saw him hit a ball (e.g. Nicklaus, Faldo, Player) say that he was the best ballstriker they’ve ever seen, and most coaches too (Harmon, Toski, Welty etc….). At the Masters he hit drives on 4 days to the same spot, also, how about Hogan’s alley?
Definitely be one of the best ball-strikers now. But best player is different and we’ll never know.

OwwwDeee says:

The problem is I can see. I can watch video of modern day tour players and then Hogan’s. There isn’t anything more advanced about his swing compared to today’s top players. Yes, today’s equipment and ball is way advanced and the courses are pristine, but Golf like every sport has advancements in individual play because of the number and quality of the competition increases. The American Triumvirate played with crappy equipment on crappy courses, but against crappy competition.

Heath Triffett says:

yeah some of his driving videos his clubhead speed has been estimated at 140mph

Buckeyeboys1 says:

That is why you are a novice. You simply can’t see. Course conditions and equipment, these guys are off the hook with today’s advancements. Go and read your golf digest and try the tip of the month and watch that on video. You will see you still suck

Buckeyeboys1 says:

You obviously are clueless. Hogan never finished out of the top 10 in the Open or Masters. Average at best. At the least, you are a moron. Check course conditions, equipment, the ball and style of play. How many Opens would Tiger have won in a 36 hole Saturday. 2008 out of the mix
Straight Moron!

FokaiFitness says:

August man. Sorry.

Nicholas Gold says:

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jr55ful says:

i just love the comments on how he would be nothing special in today’s game. i guess nicklaus,palmer and other modern era player’s opinions are groundless. hogan,snead and nelson averaged well below 70 strokes/round on crusty fairways and greens that were a joke compared to today’s. the balata balls were much harder to control (i am old enuf to remember them) and distance was markedly less. quality does not relate to era in golf versus other sports.

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