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GTA 5 Funny Moments and Custom GTA 5 Races! In this GTA 5 video we have insane fun on a golf course! ▻ Previous video Leave a like if you’d like to see the next…


ChaBoyyHD says:

Enjoy this brand new video brothers and sisters, enjoy!

enes haskanli says:

Cha soon the 1 Million!!! :D

aaronlawd says:


Joseph Smith says:

Byze u try Harding cock breath ;)

Era Black says:

In Cha’s videos, they pick on Azzy.
In Azzy’s videos, they pick on Byze.
In Byze’s videos, they pick on Cha.

TheWriglex says:

Azzy’s character is like a nightmare xDDD

Martide says:

As always ChaBoyyHD makes the funniest vids ever !

Garett Smith says:

This one was so funny

SamBaker BF4 says:

I watch these videos purely to learn new insults…

omminnoremac says:

“Macklemore looking bastard” Im done.

ApachE says:

What song playing in this video, pls?

EfficiencyBestMetric says:

Azzy is literally my favorite person in the world.

Gerhardt Waldemar says:

How did byze change his character so fast??!
First he was like a rastafari and suddenly a “normal” guy…!?

Lord Gaben says:

Cha I’ve been subbed on a google account since you started BF4, with those
silly memes popping up everywhere. I can’t believe how far you’ve come!
Almost one million!!! Love you, you Macklemore looking bastard. “No homo”

Weta says:

☻/☻/ ☻╦╤─
▂▄▅ /▌ /▌ /▌ ▌ ██▅▃▂ Guess who’s back
Suck It Google±

Itsenzoe says:

Hey guys, I don’t like doing this but I need your help and feedback. I make
videos for the love of it and my channel needs a bit of help and a boost,
please take a look and any feedback is appreciated! Love from your
Australian friend, enzoe! <3

TheWarrior1256 says:

Azzy’s a natural! :P


“Piss off you Macklemore looking bastard” LOL

hg deepolis says:

first comment 😀 great video!

Matthiéu Williams says:

YouTube Wifi bill: $200
YouTube Merch: $30 each shirt
Chaa and Azzy’s laughs: Priceless

Anton Babounik says:

What Azzy shouts? “So lone, suckers!”? I can’t understand 8(

oobynooby1 says:

byz’s laugh sounds like elmo or something lol

Josh Russell says:

Cha is a ginger Macklemore motherfucker

magzire says:

Can you actually play golf?

Ger-Lets-Die says:

Just a tip Cha use the AP pistol its fcking OP just like 2 Magazines and a
car explodes

matisse vw says:

More of this shit cha ! :-D

Dimension Jester says:

I remember 20,000 subs ;D now almost a million ,hope you get more cha

GusyHD says:

>I was only 9 years old
>I loved ChaBoyy so much, I had all the videos liked
>I pray to ChaBoyy every night before bed, thanking him for the life I’ve
been given
>”ChaBoyy is love” I say; “ChaBoyy is life”
>My dad hears me and calls me a faggot
>I know he was just jealous of my devotion for ChaBoyy
>I called him a n00b
>He slaps me and sends me to go to sleep
>I’m crying now, and my face hurts
>I lay in bed and it’s really cold
>Suddenly, a warmth is moving towards me
>It’s ChaBoyy
>I am so happy
>He whispers into my ear “This is my Game.”
>He grabs me with his powerful 2 MLG PRO hands and puts me down onto my
hands and knees
>I’m ready
>I spread my ass-cheeks for ChaBoyy
>He penetrates my butt-hole
>It hurts so much but I do it for ChaBoyy
>I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against his force
>I want to please ChaBoyy
>He roars in a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love
>My dad walks in
>ChaBoyy looks him straight in the eyes and says “It’s all MLG PRO now.”
>ChaBoyy leaves through my window
>ChaBoyy is love. ChaBoyy is life.

NATHAN11481 says:

you have a joker laugh

xDuhzire says:

“Piss off you Macklemore looking bastard” LOL

Andrew Blackford says:

Tell Azzy to put a paper bag over his characters head. Her face scares the
shit out of me. 

camelfrost66 says:

How is it cheating to be a higher rank lol oh btw you are using try-hard

yoyoyoyoshua says:

Byze you trying to be Chief Keef?

Kevin Carv says:

Almost 1kk! Congrats

Banshee_016 says:

you guys are hilarious!!! do it again!!

Delta5Actual says:

the bends!! I just spit water everywhere and I am crying.

Perteeknk Kumar says:

Cha I would really appreciate it if u play destiny

DildorTheDecent says:

The last insult by Azzy. Amazing.

bewiggathemoose says:

This video is hilarious

Yusuf Şen says:

Please upload some BF videos

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