Better Arm Motion In the Golf swing – Chicken Wing

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PGA Golf Professional Piers Ward shows you a drill to help cure the “chicken wing” in the golf swing.


Tactical Persuader says:

Does your little brother know your wearing his shirts?

Dr Draw says:

Would you guys do a vid on the flip and how to get rid of it? Seems to be a
big hang up in my swing and cant seem to overcome it.. Thanks Guys!!!!

RollYourRock says:

BTW, what happened to the “Improve Your Pitching With One Arm” video? I
just wanted to say, I thought your response to my question regarding Lee
Westwood’s pitching/chipping was “spot-on”. He seems to´╗┐ have shortened his
“frozen” time over the ball, but I agree, he still needs to be a little
quicker/more reactive. Cheers, Jack

RollYourRock says:


Stefan K says:

Worked a miracle within as less as 5 minutes for me. Just imagining to keep
my biceps close to my chest muscle did it for me after performing the drill
few times. Or just flex the chest muscle, it will also pull your left arm
towards the body.

Meandmygolf says:

This drill won’t really hep the wrists too much, just mainly the arms. It
may have a small affect but this combined with a wrist drill could work
very well!

Meandmygolf says:

Yes no problem, I will look at doing one this week, weather permitting.
There are a few impact ones on our channel now so check them out and see if
they help as well. If you let us know you name, we will give you a mention
also if you like?

RollYourRock says:

Piers, what’s your take regarding´╗┐ Lee’s “chicken-wing”? IMO, if he DIDN’T
do it, he would bury the clubhead in the ground well before he ever got it
back to the ball. Cheers, Jack

Dr Draw says:

Will this drill help with the wrist flip as well??

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