“Blaire Mckeithen” Golf Swing Slow Motion Analysis by “Gabriel Writer”

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Ben Kisla says:

You should do viewer swing analysis! Like have subscribers send in their
swing video of face on and down the line and then do a short analysis of

FmGeneration says:

@pureswingtv as other people have said we can’t get over to America for a
lesson so do online analyse over youtube . Just a thought 

PureSwingTV says:

Let me know If I should do online lessons for an affordable price;) #MTi

3rdgroove says:

Congrats on fixing that hook. Blair’s got a great swing.
Just one thing I’ve noticed: At impact his shoulders are a bit open, his
hands are a bit high and the left arm is in a straight line with his shaft.
Not saying it’s a problem or anything… just different to a “textbook
swing” ;-)

John Tipping says:

another great vid. you should absolutely do lessons online and get paid for
it. get that money. peace

Austin Thompson says:

I would hire you. You know your shit!!!!

Sinister Golf says:

Love watching the videos you’ve got a great channel. Have you guys thought
about maybe setting his hands a little earlier and not slowing down but
delaying his hips a bit so that his arms can catch up. From this videos it
looks as if his arms are getting stuck behind his body on the downswing.(
could be why his back heel lifts so early) Since he is obviously a good
athlete he is able to compensate to get his club face back on path. Just my
2 cents. Great job again and love watching the videos!

Rob Welsh says:

Gabe you are a wizard 

Anthony says:

In almost every course vlog w/ Blaire he sinks some the CLUTCHEST putts.
What makes him such a damn good putter?

JayMulleSports says:

Yo gabe you should do another course vlog with Sam Chien the next time he
is back in town. 

Daniel Maly says:

Good vid as always, Gabe. Yes on the online lessons! 

Diego Diaz says:

Gabe = The Young Kelvin M !!

Great work pal, real eye opener.

Clear precise explanation there.

Would be excellent to know what drills you had in place to change that

Top Man .

golf raven says:

Hell Gabriel, nice video. I am looking for swing analysing software. Would
you say Analyzr is the one to go with or is there other software (maybe
freeware) you could recommend for the start? Am Mac user. Cheers

Isaac Caine says:

I’d love to see my swing analysed by you Gabe, would gladly pay for it! If
you want to go for it let me know and I’ll send a swing through taken at
160fps. Peace!!

puls66 says:

good to see blaire has now you – as an instructor – on his side, and not
the instructor you wouldn’t mention!!!
and now you’ll get him on tour :D

fraser carnihan says:

As good as Blair is I’m guessing by working on path in this way, the ideal
dream will be to increase body rotation, thus decreasing hand manipulation?

Making him more consistent for tournament golf? 

Alec W says:

It is interesting how he lifts his chin to let his shoulder turn under it.
I thought I had heard somewhere that it is not a good idea to do that.

J@D W says:

Calvin Peete was the straightest driver on tour for 10 years. OB left,
he’d tee off from right side of tee. OB right, he’d tee left. Worked for

Judith Rosenthal says:

Love to see critique of some of your swings from that day…

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