Bob Toski Analysis of Tiger Woods’ Golf Swing.

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Close Bob Toski analyzes the golf swing of Tiger Woods. We see the Tiger’s swings from various angles and in slow motion. First of all…


Ball Striker says:

“He’s a freak.”

killerwill55 says:

lol? then why are you wacthing this? hey hes making money your not so fuck

Daniel DG Kim says:

omg omg omg 130mph..? i bet it got faster now. mines only 85.. or less…
his practice swings are so cool looking

aaronsinkeiwa says:

this is one of the best golf demonstrating video, why not many people
notice this though??

Christoffski says:

@ImmortalSyndicate Excuse me, but if you watch Tiger’s swing compared to
others there is much less hip turn and more emphasis on the arms and
wrists. The fact he’s had knee surgery has nothing to do with how much hip
turn he gets. Please, if you’re going to flame me, read my comment in full.

sealing7 says:

you know what else doesnt take physical/intellectula ability? that fag-ass
game world of warcraft…go die faggot

appantekundi says:

bob toski’s commentary is idiotic. Tiger woods swing is unearthly. However,
unless you have the same height, weight, muscles and natural swing of the
guy, dont try to mimic every inch of the swing. You need to work out a
swing that works for you based on your body and abilities..

almosttiger92 says:

check out my driver swing and comment please

Bourne Accident says:

A legend… in his own mind!

lawl802 says:

i dont believe anything he says. its tiger woods swing not his!!!! how does
he know what tigers thinking

tanjentsdotcom says:

sent here by JimMcCormick… dot …org Nice video! TY for posting!

xlfutur1 says:

whew…I wonder if Tiger thinks about all that during that swing. I think
if he watched this video he would over analyze everything. I’m sure its
just a feel for him by now.

ImmortalSyndicate says:

@Christoffski I did read you whole comment. The fact that he has had
multiple knee operations have everything to do with it. You said he uses
his powerful arms and hands, which isnt true. He doesnt move his hips much,
because he coils. Most amateur and other professionals move their hips more
because they aren’t as flexible. Watch his legs when he swings. When he
gets to the top of his backswing, he squats a little and then turns very
hard on to his left side. I wasn’t trying to ‘flame’ you

homer30 says:

a golf swing is not an exact science. In the end it’s an art! don’t try to
explain Woods swing!

golfusa09 says:

This swing fit his body type so much better. Each legendary player has
their own swing, but Tiger is best yet he’s built a Hogan swing instead of
his own unique swing. I’m not dissing him, he changes his swing to prevent
getting burnt out but I think he’d have Jacks record if he’d stayed with
Butch and stuck with the steel shafted short driver he hit 375 yards….

cgasucks says:

I always like Tiger’s swing by Harmon than by Haney…

David Sutrin says:

theres so many clocks in this whole in one

Christoffski says:

Now, I’ve never ever played golf. But when I look at other peoples swings,
Tiger clearly gets barely any hip turn. It’s all in his powerful arms and
hands and I think over the years it may have had a detrimental effect on
his physical conditioning. Driving has become an even bigger problem than
it was and it just seems wild and raw. It’s incredible to watch, but I
always thought maybe he could adjust his swing a bit. I know very little
though, obviously. Best player, not the best swing, though..

greasyANDugly says:

thats my uncle lolololololollll

philosophyscholar says:

Great vid

Danaldo91 says:

4:55 and 5:15 is possibly the most beautiful swings I’ve seen, so fluent
yet powerful

KDOGG445 says:

great audio commentary

BirdmanDeuce26 says:

Honestly speaking, Tiger’s old swing may have been cool, but ultimately it
would have shortened his playing career if he kept it up. Ridiculous amount
of flexibility for a golfer!

stephen st.clair says:

if only.

bostown says:

search “blizzardcheif” on youtube

Daniel DG Kim says:

aw no my driver is around 100.. forgot driver goes faster lol oopsies..

babyherc says:

then why do so many ex professional athletes and high level officials play
the game and in some cases are obsessed by it?

112358p says:

he was a nut from 1997-2002

arnold82canada says:

i agree with the drop in swing speed for control, it’s the exact same thing
my coach has done with me and the results speak for themselves, 290-300yd
drive 20% of the time in the fairway down to 250-260yd drive 80% in the

Kevin Perkins Golf Academy says:

This is a master piece of explaining and communicating numerous, wonderful
fundamentals of the golf swing displayed by Tiger Woods. Tiger is the
master player and hall of fame teacher , Bob Toski is one of the greatest
communicators of the golf swing we have all been fortunate to be a part

ImmortalSyndicate says:

@Christoffski well, you said it know very little about golf, and
yes it’s obvious..n you obviously don’t kno much about him because you
would know that Tiger uses his lower body to generate probably over half of
your information correct, n don’t try to correct or ‘suggest’ something
that the number 1 golfer in the world needs to do with his swing.

chessmastor says:

While I don’t like Golf, you are still wrong. Pro golfers have a lot of
physical ability.

borogolf11 says:

I love how tiger made the change to Haney from Harmon. Tiger got alot of
crap that was not deserved during the time of his switch. He made major
changes in his swing during the switch. Tiger lowered his hands at the top
and still maintans and closed wrist and also keeps his lower body more
centerd and still. He still is perfectly parallel and level at setup.His
newer swing witch is not showed here is much improved, His switched to more
of a rotary or”oneplane”.

ovaltine224 says:

guy talks some big time mumbo-jumbo

fzak47 says:

Actually, Tiger’s swing is only about 120-125 mph right now. Before he made
his swing changes, he used to swing full power which is why he was at 130
mph. But after the swing changes, he sacrificed a tiny bit of power for
more control, which is why he is dominating now.

rw5791 says:

did the left foot change position at 3:59 ?

andreas86an says:

85? im only 16 and i’ve got 110 mph with the driver that is.. do you mean
driver swing?

rickystevekarl says:

“To me, he’s almost a freak”- That Old Dude “To them, you’re just a
freak… me!”- Heath Ledger (dead)

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