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Rick Shiels PGA says:


Check out this match with Pro Golfer @CarlyBooth92


Peter Finch Golf says:

If Rick put me off like that I’d be annoyed, but Carly…well

cmares5858 says:

She is definitely activating her glutes

Oni Link says:

Unusually long hug…

Hacker2024 says:

What a golf swing she’s got!


Pete “let’s get a slo-mo” Finch.

Oisin Lockhart says:

My boss caught me watching this at work lol 

Coochicoo says:

Forgiving the sound problems due to the excellent guest.

Stephen Jordan says:

Pete get them digits boy. 

fullwerkes says:

Must say what a great sport she was. I think she got one of the best swings
out there even against the guys on the tour. #love

Michael Rolton says:

Great video again. There were some interesting hooks Rick. Next time
imagine you are at Trafford Golf Centre aiming towards the Premier Inn and
you will be fine.

Carl Broadbent says:

@10 mins rick when your drive went left was that because if you look at
your stance your feet are open to target?
Trying to understand the relationship on ball flight. Thnx 

Hugh MacMann says:
gordon o'riordan says:

obviously the ladies tour is exempt from drug testing, lol she’s madder
than Kathy Bates character in the film Misery, great little player

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Now that’s an great ending :-)

Michael Rolton says:

Needs a new caddie? Rob Potter, your prayers have been answered.

Tony Rock says:

That was the best at the end!

mistenktdotcom says:

Shame about the audio :(

Adam p says:

You’re living the dream lads!!

gabe soliari says:

This is, without a doubt, the best VLOG you two have done! Cheers!

Keith Jones says:

That girls definitely a sandwich short of a picnic hahahaha

jasonfloridacracker says:

I have a great idea…Rick and Pete just video Carly..:)

Seamus Griffin says:

Your most fun video yet! even with the sound problems…… You’ll just
have to do it again …. SOON! :)

moregolfplz says:

She doesn’t like you at all, Pete #initiatedthehug

Scott Little says:

Carlys so much fun to watch on the golf course love the banter as usual..
and yip I’d be put off by cart wheels and handstand by Carly. Good luck on
tour. Rick what happened lol 

hof8231 says:

Do you guys have shotgun mic? If not, I’d suggest possibly investing in one
with the ‘dead kitten’ windshield. It’ll help with those windy UK days for

Regardless, awesome video!

Wayne Catlin says:

Marriott Worsley, really nice place, I got married there in 2009, they pre
arranged a complimentary round for me for the following morning but I was
far too rough from the night before.
I wonder if it’s too late to get that round?? 

John Murdoch says:

I gave up watching, couldn’t put up with the noise… Dissapointing

David Maher says:

Poor Rick did you get stage fright against the gorgeous Carly Booth?!!☺️☺️.
To be fair she would put the best off

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