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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Check out the clubs Ladies European Tour Player @CarlyBooth92 is using this

Callum Ferguson says:

Beautiful set shes got! The clubs are nice too…

Hacker2024 says:

Do Nike make knickers?

James Harvey says:

I’m officially in love!

Oni Link says:

Rzn dot black are the rzn black but with platinum softness

Jason Little says:

I persevered with that bloody audio the way through and it was worth it.
She is a real sweetie. I hope she does amazing on the tour. Inwill
bebwatching out for her. 

Mark Dean says:

Who’s the miserable sod with the thumbs down?

Angel Perez says:

Rick, the volt nike driver is avaible on monday 4 of may.

Killacamfoo O.G. says:

That ball is allegedly the one that Tiger and Rory play, RZN Platinum feel
with RZN Black distance.

Oni Link says:

Its not Vapor pro, its the speed head

ELComandante says:

To me it looks like a volt vapor speed. 

Paul Broadbent says:

It’s a shame she doesn’t game Titleist, she would add 20 yards to her

Steve Hyun says:

i need those grips… anyone know where to get them or what brand they are?
looked like golf pride but not sure

Ben Flynn says:

Have to say have thoroughly enjoyed the “vlog” and “what’s in the bag” with
Carly Booth. She honestly seems like a fantastic payer and a great laugh.
Shame the sound wasn’t spot on. Guess its just a good excuse to have her
back on your channel!

LoaforDie says:

It’s Vapor speed, releases Monday on

Simponio says:

I lost one of them RZN’s today.. sad times

chamilitary999 says:

Does she have PX 6.5 in her irons ?

Julian Hughes says:

I’m spare for the caddie job …. on the green easy Fraser straight

Andy On the Range says:

waste of time with the sound like sorry

patrik streng says:

Like the neon lime green colour Nike has done

Ashley Marshall says:

I’ll be your caddy/boyfriend 

JCRocksteady says:

Shame you couldn’t hear what was being said on a number of occasions due to
the wind (aren’t wind mics meant to stop this??) but was good to see what
she uses and interesting to hear about swing and ball speed – would be
useful to ask this on other WITBs, Rick.

Michael So says:

Anyone know anything about those grips?

Strad 4321 says:

Carly’s thought bubble: “It’s cold out here Rick, so please keep talking
and talking and talking”.

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