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Golfing World counts down the Top 10 Unique Golf Swings. Some have unconventional habits while others are so unique many wonder how they can score so consistently on a regular basis. It just proves that any swing has the ability to be effective. Welcome to Golfing World. Created by IMG Media,…

A very brief pointer from the man himself.

Click This Link: to sign up for our FREE newsletter John shows you the proper golf grip. Weather you have a weak or a strong golf grip… John will show you the perfect “correct”golf grip for you golf game. These golf grip tips will help you become the best golfer you can be. – If you find yourself hitting inconsistent shots. One time you may hit a big ‘ol fat chunk shot, another time you’re over-compensate and hit a thin or bladed one. The frustration continues as you try to “figure it out” on the golf course. This golf swing video will show you the role of your right elbow in the golf swing, and what it’s supposed to do, and if you don’t do it, you’re doomed to a powerless swing that never goes straight. For more FREE golf swing video tips, visit