Disc Giveaway: ABC Flying Squirrel Winner Announced

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Big John announces the winner of the ABC Platinum Flying Squirrel Giveaway! GoHamDiscGolf Custom Discs – tinyurl.com Subscribe – tinyurl.com email – ghdiscgolf@gmail.com Facebook – tinyurl.com Twitter – tinyurl.com Disc Jock – www.teamdiscjock.com Forums – gohamdiscgolf.proboards.com


drake smith says:

use the disc well Tjosh

matt homan says:

congrats tjosh keep hammin it up

Dereck Anderson says:

Congrats Tjosh!!!! ps Stupid Facebook

Charles Seifert says:

Ham it up

Troy J says:

Congrats on the disc tjosh!

Rowdy Yates says:

Congrats TJosh!!!!

swishablowa420 says:


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