Driver High Draw Shawn Clement Wisdom In Golf

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Close Get his Amazing 2013 video series filmed and edited by the Art Institute of Pittsburgh at the Harvest Hill Golf Club in Buffalo New York; motion capture technology…


Sheridan Fjeld says:

great video. I am now constantly hitting higher shots all with right to
left movement. Sometimes verging on being a hook. One thing I am
absolutely struggling with, especially with driver, is maintaining my spine
angle through the downswing. At impact am basically standing straight up
with my butt off the original line and my head away from its original line
as well How can I stop standing up. its driving me crazy! I’ve been
trying unsuccessfully using many different drills to maintain spine angle
with driver for a couple years now and just cant do it. the only way I can
do it is if I hit real short shots, like under 100 yards. When I do manage
to maintain spine angle I have absolutely no power. please help!!

Tim Coates says:

Great skills Shawn at 6:14!!

john Toutkaldjian Jr says:

Shawn, I appreciate your detail on describing what happens at address. I
often heard about how we try to return during the swing to our address
position. I can’t wait to try addressing my ball with my driver centered in
front of my body. With my 100 swings a day program helping my swing plane
and muscle memory, this could be the key to tie it all together. Thanks
again and I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Super1Matt1 says:

Shawn, i’m having big troubles with club face control. Hooking everything
with the driver. Where do i start? Which videos will help? My grip is sound.

Jordan Duran says:

Shawn, I really enjoy your videos and theory however I’m a little confused
with your ball flight laws. Seems like you’re still teaching the “old
school” laws. Ball starts on club path line finishes on club face line.
Correct me if I’m wrong but new data shows this is incorrect. Ball starts
where club face is pointed and finishes according to relation of club face
and path. When explaining shot shaping are you teaching more of just feel
rather than what is actually happening?

Rogerhockey1 says:

dont like ur swing man..


hi shawn the highe draw with the driver i cant get it i just get a straight
left but the fade is ok help

Drew Massey says:

Shawn, thanks for your vids. I have a question regarding driver set-up, as
I still cannot hit a draw with that club. I feel like when I brace and tilt
that I am very close to the ball, and it makes it tough for me to swing on
the proper plane. Do I just bring my arms in closer to my body at set-up or
do you have any other vids that would address that? Thanks again for all
your help.

Bernard de la Rue says:

Thanks Shawn!

hjyap1 says:

Shawn, awsome lessons on line, always fascinating anology. Has been most
helpful. I screened almost all your videos and cannot find a close up view
of closed or open faced driver from top view with the tee up ball in view
for both shots. That will further illustrate the ‘degree’ of close or open
driver clubface and distance of driver face to tee for both type of shots.
Appreciate your guidance.
Lastly what’s your view on some schools of thought on open your club face
and swing more open to draw your shots? Tq

RyanLungstrom says:

Foley insists trackman proves that catching the ball on the upswing with
the driver is not optimal. His ideas also favor playing the ball further
back in the stance. I don’t have the authority to criticize you or Foley,
but do you have any thoughts why you think Foley and you differ? Thanks

Dudley Monks says:

Love it helps alot keep posting

wj74 says:

Good video Shawn! When I swing from in-to-out, how is that supposed to feel
at the top of my backswing different than on a “normal” backswing?

semiauto25 says:

There’s no way the ball had top spin or it never would have gotten off the

CosmicSPC says:

Hi shawn ! Could You please do once again and more detailed video on the
takeaway motion? I cant really get it. You have said that your arms and
club unit is hanging from your shoulders as wet towels , when you are at
set up .Or You describe it as one chain. But how You can teke the dead
hanging arms/ chain to the top of Your backswing ? only by rotation? or
your arms have to be firm/ stiff at the begining of the swing to form the Y

CosmicSPC says:

Hi! I have on e question . How long should be the left left wrist flat
after impact ? i think the flat left wrist totally ruins the free motion of
left and right arm togeather. it seems not natural. how you get the toe up
position when the club is at three oclock an dparalel to the target line
without breaking that left wrist ? it semms to be impossible. Thnx a lot !

Shawn Clement says:

That is a great tip! Thank you very much; Shawn

m47131 says:

Thanks for this video. I got fitted for a driver today and my launch angle
was consistently low because I kept hitting down on the ball. No matter how
high they adjusted the loft my launch angle was averaging 8 – 10

Aldo Hernandez says:

Sahwn remenber me Aldo, hope someday take lessons with you my friend….to
me you are the best Golfer ever becuase not only you teach and play very
well, you have a great heart…take care teacher, Aldo

Thomas Lo says:

Do you swing the driver with your body moving up and down? In one video you
swing the driver like traditional without up and down but another video,you
were up-down. Which should I use ? I beleave do up-down is no good for
driver because it is very long and the plane is quite round that very hard
to do up-down.

steerpike50 says:

yes very good vid , got a lot out of this , well explained with something
for all levels ,, hey guys listen to the pros its what they do.

Shawn Clement says:

You have seen my “grip and wrist hinge shawn clement”, “knife the grip
shawn clement”, “Loaded arms shawn clement” and “how arms and club release
shawn clement” right? Let your anatomy be your guide!!!!! Stop listening to
type A fashion golf gurus that tell you to be in this position or that
position without even knowing how the anatomy even works under the hood!

fullwerkes says:

Loved the video Shaun.

Thomas Michalski says:

This is another great video…thanks again Shawn. I really enjoy your
teaching methods and how you tie in common activities to the golf swing.
Your target-oriented approach is something that I discovered back in 2005
when I was playing my best golf. Somewhere along the way, I ditched that
approach in favor of a more technical approach.

John M says:

Great Video Shawn, when do you ever face the ball on the tee with the
drive? Never I suppose, I think this is why I get a fade at the end of the
tail of the ball. Don’t the pros face the ball or should I say address the
ball behind the ball on the tee for a driver?

cgasucks says:

Hitting the driver off the deck is hard to do… nice job doing it!

maxpf says:

thanks mr. long time respected pga professional

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