Elk’s Lesson With Sung Woon Lee (Part 2) – Episode #1413

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Champions Tour professional Steve Elkington gives a golf lesson to KLPGA Tour professional Sung Woon Lee at The Grand Golf Club in San Diego, CA (Part 2) – Episode #1413.


rono8275 says:

Sorry, but you can explain it and show her without putting your hands on
her. Yes, she’s a llovely young lady. Keep your hands off! The
core/stomach/trunk of the body is the motor. When it turns back then
through the ball the arms, hands, and club follow.

Koby Owen says:

teaching is bad. she has a beautiful swing and he is F***ing it up

golfnff says:

Isn’t that going to get her arms stuck behind her hips with what you are
telling her to do there Elk?

blazing nugs says:

elk will screw her up one way or another

Elvis Presley says:

so what “system” are we teaching her?
i think best she left alone Elk.

Diego Diaz says:

She is looooooooooooooooooovely !!!!!!!

Timanator BBDD says:

Sounds like the recipe for alot of hands in the swing.

MrLoichin says:

OMG is that Mike’s sister in law????

Alalh Awkbar says:

I want to be her caddie so I can stare at her beautiful…. Swing all day

daniel houde says:

yes sir lucky man ! great swing

rianco says:

can anyone confirm that she is using Aerotech Steelfiber shafts? Those are
money…I use the i95 and i110 versions.

Elie Anquetil says:

Power alright, control not sure! 

Chunky Reeedie says:

Next life I want to be a tennis and golf pro, then retire and do what Elk
does all day! 

steve Fowler says:

I’d like to spend an hour or two with Elk at the driving range looking at
my swing…then go out and hoist a few cool ones afterwards too.

golfninja says:

Good advice, if she can get it, the disassociation of the legs,hips leading
the upper body & arms through impact. Great plane to the swing already.

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