EXTREME Golf Prank !

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Just For Laughs Gags says:

NEW ‪PRANK‬! This golfer stops at NOTHING to make his putt. Tiger Woods, we
might just have found your match! http://bit.ly/1badCC1

Subhav Sharma says:

Kids in Africa could have eaten all that food. I am being serious this

David Pretto says:

I would take the dish without touching the ball and o next to the hole and
easy shot.

Boris Verhagen says:

Kids in Africa could have eaten all those balls

إﮗسـّﭥړآ ﭥۈﮗس says:

همج ما يحترمون النعمهه

PrankandSpank says:

Did your mom ever tell you not to play with your food? lol…Would have
been funny if you shot the sandwich in the hole

Killhunter80 says:

I like the fact nobody was mad at him shooting their food :D

Joan Cuthill says:

LOL just wonderful God Bless you all. ♥

Mah Shu Sun Tide says:

He has a good swing.

puduvai siva says:

is it possible they allow their food damaged ??

عبدالله الموحد says:

I dreamed that Dennis and MP had a stupid sex as a prank

Sheogorath says:

The only interesting about golf is this prank. Amazing!

Abygail Garcia says:

Hahahhahahaha, very very funny, love this video

Abdulrahman A says:

I like most of your pranks and thank you for making us smile. But “playing
with food is not cool at all.. we should have more respect to the things we
are fortuna enough to have.
Sometimes too many blessings make us forget what it is like not to have one
of them. Food, shelter, health, safety, etc…
We need to be more thankful and appreciative to all of this and more.

Capitán Obvious says:

Last shot from the cup was impossible thus no follow up green cam footage.

SadGriefer says:

While in Africa every 60 seconds one minute passes, you shoot the food

nyjel cruz says:

Is there still just for laugh show on TV?

مروان مليحة says:

First like and coment

ayngemac says:

Canadians are way too nice.

Miami Ninja says:

Poor kids in Africa

Ivanildo lins says:


milany milany says:

come on why do that don’t play with food that make me sad we’re muslms hate

SlipKnotRicky says:

LOL, only a fellow Golfer would let him do that!

Demon Siedemdziesiątypiąty says:

Rules are the most important!!!

Žydrūnas Gira says:

It seems that people enjoyed watching their food getting messed up :D.

Hardstyle〈3 says:

Hey you! What are you doing starring at the Screen?

Awsisa zeen says:

me and my friend: 1:14
now give us money for another meal.

Relex Graal says:

I usually waste about 10 golf balls and 2 clubs to make beer.

Roman Rochlov says:

Какое невежество!

Eytor Torrico says:

Me dolió en el estómago ver la masacre de la comida así… :(

Smiling Badger says:

Ah man 🙂 Genius concept.

rodolfo morandi says:

ahahah xD

Minh Nguyen says:

Some people are starving, but that’s none of my business.

papy nounn says:

Hilarant !!! ahahah

Akmal Agustian says:

1:30 nice shoot!


Смотрю ролики jfl, и не перестаю удивляться, эти люди с другой планеты? Нам
до их уровня жизни, культуры, воспитанности и чувству юмора расти и расти
сотни лет…

MrHairyBrit - Funny News & Ranty Vlogs says:

If this was my food I would go *APE SHIT!!!*

How would you react?

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