Footwhip technique for Golf Swing Power & Consistency

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Close Team USA Junior National Coach and #1 Bestselling Author Gary Occhino shows you how to use…


zoots15 says:

Great drill Gary. A throwback to all the great classic swingers who used a
freer full body swing. Utilizing all the joints instead of the modern
“planted feet and restricted hips” deal, which leads to back and other
joint injuries (see T. Woods)

Adam Grym says:

Hi Gary, loved this drill, very, very helpful. Must admit that every time I
have a lousy play on GC , I always return to your instructions and “start
all over again” so to speak! As you know well, it’s very hard to get rid of
old habits, they somehow come back one way or another. One of these days I
will visit your golf school even though I am not located “friendly”!

Adam Grym says:

Gary, I would gladly buy one of your videos (didn’t know there were such) ,
give me some info how I can do that!

Adam Grym says:

Gary, I’ve already raved about your very constructive not overly technical
way of teaching, but I must do again. Teaching is a skill just like playing
golf well and you can do obviously both very well. Thanks! 

Chabacano Maximus says:

Hi Gary,
loved this drill, so simple and easy to do. Even for an over thinker like
Just started implementing your samurai swing with some success. Struggled a
little with distance with my woods and driver. I am interested in your
instruction videos but I am not sure which one to buy. Not sure if I should
invest in the swing consistency or the swing power.
I would like to draw and fade the ball with your system. which of these
videos will go over fundamentals, setup, ball position, etc? Thanks Gary

JuliusJueLi says:

I have tried this drill in the range today. At first, I had some problems
with clean contact. After a while, I start hitting balls with solid

dennis crowther says:

very impressed with your lessons, thanks for not making it too complicated

Fran Solomita says:

Hey Gary – I’ve been trolling golf instruction sites for 2 years now.
Tremendous provider of knowledge. Really smart and practical approach.
Thanks. Are you from Boston?

dtee06 says:

I just found your You Tube Channel while looking for golf tips, wow very
impressive. I will be spending a lot of time here. I know this will improve
my game. Thank you for what you do.

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