Golf Instruction – Correct Takeaway & Downswing Practice Drill

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* 80 New Golf Instruction Lesson Videos * iPhone/iPad DUPLESSISGOLF apps ALL Golfers need this Drill. It teaches how to initiate both the “Takeaway” and the “Downswing”. The “Front Shoulder” starts the takeaway and the “Hips” start and lead the downswing and the “Hands” DO NOTHING. This finally makes the golf swing “Athletic” using the large muscle groups like any other athletic movement: throwing a ball, … a discus, … hittting a home run…. you get the point. All this release the club into the ball or at the target has got to go….



There are only 2 reasons the ball goes left, flipping your hands at impact (closes the face) or stopping your turn and letting your arms/club pass your body before the rotation finishes. The arms and club are pulled down by the body unwinding. The arms/hands do not pull the club down… Ross

09Youba says:

I like the swing, but why do I pull the ball left? Should I be pulling straight down with my arms on the down swing to keep from coming over the top? That is my main problem. Thank you.


Thanks, and the more the hands remain passive during the swing, the more the Large Muscles take control for a repeatable swing.

TheNYgolfer says:

Excellent Drill !!! What a simple way to “feel” the “coiling” of the body on the backswing and the proper sequence of “uncoiling” on the downswing and demonstrates clearly how the hands do nothing but HOLD ONTO THE CLUB during the forward swing. I find the biggest killer of this swing is inadequate coiling on the backswing which then subconsciously forces the hands to chime in by “adding” power because the subconscious, powerful mind knows that there is no power available due to lack of coiling

ijp66 says:

Nice drill!

blazemecush says:

Thank you so much for the quick reply on that all your video r a great help


I’m sorry I would not know. I have not looked into a one plane swing since there is no need to focus on swing plane using Large Muscles. Once you setup for the particular club in your hand, if you use your shoulders to wind up the back swing, the club travels perfectly on a swing plane based on length of shaft, and will return on that plane if the hands don’t disrupt it. I believe the golf swing is much easier when left to the Large Muscles… Shoulders & Body Rotation to trap the ball.

blazemecush says:

Excuse me I was just wonder if its the same take away for a one plane swing thank for your time


Yes. What most do not understand is the ball is always played pretty much just inside the front foot (except driver) because that is the low point of the swing arc (not middle) and is where the body rotates. What changes is your back foot, gets closer to the front for wedge and moves back for longer irons. But, the ball stays pretty much just inside. Playing the ball in the middle, is why most flip thru impact, and can’t turn unless they slide forward first (not repeatable) .

Gerry McErlean says:

I will follow the link.You mean set up the ball opposite the left heel.?


Follow the link in description YourGolfSwingAnalysis you will be amazed once you learn to not side on the takeaway, you can unwind the downswing as fast or slow as you feel. You must setup with the ball just inside the front so you can turn, like throwing a ball. I will explain in the analysis. Reply within 24 hrs Ross

Gerry McErlean says:

Ross….Hallo from Dublin. That really makes sense. I have been trying for 2/3 years now to move onto the right to create power but I am just after realizing that this has caused me to slide all over the shop. All the power goes down the pan. I am sorry I don’ live near you to get some lessons you as you make so much sense . I think I will send you my swing and get your comments. Can I do this using an I phone and post privately to U-Tube? What do you recommend..? Thanks.There is hope.!


The reason for holding your knee is, so you don’t slide to the right side and COIL instead. The golf swing unwinds around the front hip. Sliding to the back only creates problems… the is no benefit for sliding. Keep the front knee anchored and wind your shoulders against a firm lower body for much more power and accuracy since you didn’t slide. Since you are still on the front, just UNWIND. Loading up the back side is OLD thinking and is not consistent or repeatable. Just go try it.

Gerry McErlean says:

If you hold your left knee will your weight transfer to the right side..? Can you help me with this as I am having trouble getting my head around it. Thanks


Yes, make sure your shaft is in line with your front arm at setup. The butt of the club points towards your arm pit (not your belly). This simulates what you will need at impact. Next, you want to allow the Large Muscles to control your arms, hands and club, so keeping your grip pressure constant is very important. If you keep your hands out of the swing, the club face will trail the shaft and you will automatically hit down as you keep unwinding and TURN to face the target.

timc424 says:

I like this drill it really works if you follow his directions closley. I play between 12-15 handicap, my bigest problem is consistant contact, i lead with my hips on the downswing, buti fight really hard not to lift up into impact,any thoughts on how i can stay down better. Thanks

Patrick Kaa says:

what kind of grip are you using?


The club face does not need to be controlled, if you don’t change it with your hands during the swing. I teach using the hips to start and lead the downswing, to teach golfers how to use large muscles in an athletic movement and to stop hitting at the ball with their hands. Using the hands, can never be consistent and only disrupts the body. With a little discipline (learning to keep constant grip pressure), allows the Large Muscles to control the arms, hands and club. More on my blog

TheKPGA says:

What part of you controls the shaft and face?Is it not the hand, wrists and arms, after all the club is not attached to your hips!!

Ramesh005003 says:

Simple and concise great drill, this is all we have to do in a golf swing to get the bigger muscles of the body play their part. thank you very much!


If you incorporate this Hold Knee, Push Front Shoulder, then Hips… as part of your routine, you will take it to the course. I usually teach this by telling my student, once they are setup ready to hit to: Look at the target and think… Knee, Shoulder, Hips… then when you look back at the ball DO IT! KNEE, SHOULDER, HIPS… you will be amazed how well imagining those three things just before you hit will help you do it. Must be part of your routine to work… Ross

zonerlust says:

Very useful..tried it out at the range with great results.The course will be the big test admittedly.Concise instruction from a guy who knows the mechanics of a good golf swing.Well done fella!


Yes. Keeping the lower body still so the big muscles of the shoulders can wind up your back muscles creates a TON of potential and keeps you from sliding. This is also the opposite of the sequence that is about to unwind the club… starting the downswing with the hips first and keeping them leading and dominating the downswing all the way to the finish. KEEP YOUR HANDS PASSIVE DURING THE SWING AND LET BIG MUSCLES CONTROL THE BACKSWING AND DOWNSWING. Keep grip pressure unchanged.

Eileen Dover says:

Interesting!! I have unconsciously done this on a few occasions & hit the ball well. Unfortunately I didn’t know what it was I did so I could do it again until I saw your video. I think the times I didn’t hit the ball well I was starting with my hips&arms instead of with the front shoulder. Tried your drill in the office without aclub. It seems like part of me wants to turn that I don’t think should based on what you said. Feels like restricted range of motion. Is that normal initially?

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