Golf Instruction – Guru TV – How To Drive The Golf Ball Straight

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Golf Instruction – Jason Sutton of the Dana Rader Golf School and host of Guru TV demonstrates how to drive the ball long and straight


shane mccarthy says:

I normally stand really far away from the golf ball because I’m afraid when I swing back the driver will hit mein the head, LOL! XD

neal magee says:

thanks for the tips. works a treat!!!!!

Chadasdf says:

What’s 1+1?

TheOmalley100 says:

Worked great at the range, now to try it on the course

mcgurk69 says:

On route to try this out

SeriousBlack45 says:


memph800 says:

Awesome video, fixed my slice and now I drive the ball right down the middle. Best Video out there for driving. Thanks

dabollacesta5 says:

So lefty stance would mean drop ur left?? Or no

dabollacesta5 says:

Good video


If i had a dollar for every pixel in this video.. I’d have $13

0033crod says:

About how far away should the ball be from your stance, mate?

Johnnyboybravo says:

And if you suck at golf its WTF

bballglennster says:

thanks so much for tips aim actually going to the dana radar golf school tomorrow for a three day camp.

kholla1410 says:

played nine holes yesterday and hit 5 out of 9 fairways. definately going to continue watching


Great advice!!! Thank you

kencbad1 says:

Great advice! Will watch u again. Thx

Kyle Mcgrogan says:

I just tested this (im 14) it was my first drive of the year, with a driver i have had problems with. The ball went 220 yds easy. I LOVE U DUDE! THIS HELPS SOOO MUCH

epicfail199 says:

just to say your are shit hot at golf

Lizardguy4231 says:

I just hit small whiffle balls in my pool and néed to learn how to do it better

ironaddict11 says:

wish i had watched this video before i broke that window last week !

228dad says:

Great video!!

mattsherm3 says:

at least there are 52,849 people with a bad golf game right now.

werpsu34 says:

thanks for the tips

tythekid214 says:

what they dont tell you is the ball goes 50 yards

Blixx88 says:

Everything you’ve shown, is everything I’ve done wrong. I’m beginning golf and I feel way more confident having seen this. Great video!

p1warden says:

cheers mate

ThePoweller4 says:

great video, thanks!!

Eoin Molloy says:

id rather FTW instead of FWT

ouragans123 says:

merci 🙂

KamikazeJustChillin says:

Good tips! Those WERE the mistakes I was making!

xabi14 says:

great video, thank you

cohibasmith says:

Great video on driving. It is very simple to understand without too much informaiton overload. Thanks. 

kidrosco says:

Im going to try this at the driving range this week

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