Golf Instruction – The Proper Golf Grip

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Click This Link: to sign up for our FREE newsletter John shows you the proper golf grip. Weather you have a weak or a strong golf grip… John will show you the perfect “correct”golf grip for you golf game. These golf grip tips will help you become the best golfer you can be.


Yuonne Bartz says:

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GeneralPoochie123 says:

thanks that was really helpful

tatchy1001 says:

Why do you keep watching Golf Videos and passing the same comment then

snow1leopard3 says:

Golf is a shitty, fucking retarded sport.

Patricia Mahler says:

Guys, improve your golf skills doesn’t need to be difficult (I used to think it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a training program called Golfonax Training Program (google it). Seriously, thanks to Golfonax Training Program I’ve become a better golfer. I probably should not even be talking about it cause I don’t want a bunch of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I’m in a good mood today so I will share the wealth haha.

Rod W says:

all the feel is in your fingers….making that my mantra

T V says:

i hate overlapping grip i like interlocking

TBgolfer6 says:

hey can you guys check out my video of my swing i need advice please!

joeldob says:

Fantastic explanations. The simplicity of each method helped me maintain focus through out my round. I didn’t play like a pro all of a sudden but a few shots impressed me and overall I saw improvement because I could feel what I was doing. Thanks.

ErikBush Gains says:

Put the meaty part on top.. heh..

GMaioComedy says:

Wrist Cock…. 

Nunyabizniz2000 says:

If you swing a club with a grip like you’re holding an uncapped tube of toothpaste and nothing should come out as you grip it, then EVERY club you ever swing would fly out of your hands.

zippyzoe says:

Why does anyone ever talk about the right thumb. Where does it go? On top or along the side?

NickWebster94 says:

I think someones getting murdered by a chainsaw at 2:33..

paulwilsongolf says:

The grip is definitely a huge fundamental. People often get lazy and stop checking it when really this should be checked every time you play or practice.

pancakesandtea says:

I loved that you explain the science behind it…I’m just learning golf and the grip is a little problematic for me

dubking says:

The audio is sorry.

logantibbits24 says:

I will find the man weed whacking in the background. And I will kill him

uhcofrog says:

i cant believe this took 7 minutes to teach

OdomtologyBooks says:

Get “The Art and Science of Breaking 90” GREAT book!

shobertseph says:

which golf course is this?

Kevin Gibbons says:

John, thanks for posting this informative video! I have a 29 year old friend who is struggling with his grip and I will forward to him. I am 53 and learned when I was in my teens. I think this will be very beneficial to him…much appreciated!!!…..Kevin

mzmsn5 says:

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craapula says:

Then go to my channel and you can see my hack swing from last year and two years ago. I’ll have my current hack swing on there sometime soon.

Never said I don’t like Tiger, just that there are better examples now.

Justin Shank says:

id love to see your hack swing

MrBeastitup18 says:

i bet the people out there think he is a fucking retard talking about tooth paste and cocking your rist.

craapula says:

Yep, Tiger sucks. I’d beat him easily 1/100 times.

IbeJigsaw says:

Seriously, you’re the only person on the planet who would list the 7th ranked player in the world as a player who “is not good anymore”.

IbeJigsaw says:

There’s a big difference between a biased opinion, and being an ignorant dumbass. He may not hold the most majors, but Tiger is easily the best golfer of all time – and one of the greatest athletes to grace the sport. Further, he’s done more for the game than any man before.

IbeJigsaw says:

“When Tiger was pretty good”… are you serious? LOL

craapula says:

There are better examples of “good” golfers that use the interlock. Tiger is just an average pro golfer now. That’s all I meant by it. You realize this video was made when Tiger was pretty good, he is not anymore… a simple overdub (replace Tiger with Rory maybe). Or say, Tiger used it when he was really god (not a typo).

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