Golf Lesson – Keep The Pressure in Your Right Heel

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KEEP THE PRESSURE IN YOUR RIGHT HEEL IN THE DOWNSWING – PGA Professional Robin Symes shows a drill to help you keep the pressure in your right heel early in the downswing. A key move …


RobinSymesGolf says:

Keep the pressure in your right heel is a key to a good downswing

Colm McCaffery says:

Hi Robin – I like the drill and it works but wanted to ask – when “do” you
lift your heel – you said at impact
now thats ok – but it kind of goes against the advice or transfering to
your left side to start your downswing – are you suggesting we keep it
right and on the heel until impact ?
in your video Golf Swing Weight Transfer you suggest right heel, left toe
and left heel …. I was wondering when the right heel to left toe
transition “starts” 

Tony Cabro says:

Great drill. Will try this at my next range session.
Do do have a video segment on how to stop coming over the top? I’ve
seen/heard numerous drills but nothing is ever the same. One drill is to
“drop” the hands behind you at the start of the swing, but then there are
others that suggests throwing your hands towards the target, etc… all
very confusing.

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