Golf Lessons – Create a great downswing

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Close is the home website of Ireland’s No1 golf lesson instructor Barry Power, in this video barry shares his secrets on to create a great downswing.


John Moye says:

Nobody ever describes pulling the left hip in giving lessons, great advice.

golf4par44 says:

Enjoyed the video. Simple swing mechanics well explained. Something any golfer no matter there skill level should work on.

MikePedersenGolfTips says:

My biggest issue is clearing my left hip. I’ve fought it for years. Thanks for the tip.

steckleinjr says:

back hurts just watching that video. ha ha

teewoods says:


you are not the only one, the hardest bit in my game is the downswing, i need to work on this – the problem is I focus on some many things on my downswing and leave out the most important thing – hip turn

barrypowergolfpro says:

I do online lessons so if you want me to give you a lesson simply post a video of your swing both front and side angle on youtube and we can take it fromn there.

strataone says:

Do you teach at all in the states? If not do you recommend anyone in the States? I live in Los Angeles, California

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