Golf Lessons: Right Elbow Drill

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Close A simple drill for getting the elbow in the proper location at the top of your golf swing.


darrell laplante says:

Good tip from a great instructor. Keep me coming

Dan Norwood says:

BJ You’re the one teacher I don’t criticize because you are really working
to help golfers so although I disagree with your concepts, I think it’s
great that you work to give something for free to golfers. The elbow can
never be in the same place if the lower body is moving due to the
inconsistency of the lower body movement. Harry Vardon said it best if your
downswing brings your arms into a position as if you are pushing a lawn
mower then you are going to have lots of error, rather throw the arms
backwards than forwards.

Mike Fisher says:

Great drill…thanks!

Augusta Golf Instruction says:

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