Golf Swing Lesson Shanking

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Close Mark Crossfield helps another youtube viewer with a FREE golf instruction lesson. Learn how to beat the shank with Mark’s simple golf lessons.


titleistfan16 says:

can you do a whats in my bag of your clubs

Chung Hau says:

Cheers for the response, Mark. Will the advice a go. Didn’t even notice the
left heel! Will report back in a couple of weeks.

David Schultz says:

@Fingerboarding4live put the club in your fingers and release it. turn the
toe over! watch the grip videos he’s posted. a slice is caused by an open
clubface, period. fix the face and you’re sure to be on the path to fixing
many other problems. whether it’s open to an outside in path or an inside
out path or a inside square inside path, it’s still going to slice.

mcgroogtube says:

@titleistfan16 YA DO THAT FOR SURE!!

theMANxGOLFER says:

I tried to explain the same grip issue to my buddy. Great video. I
recommended this fix for him. Maybe he’ll listen to you.

Douglas Smith says:

@Fingerboarding4live close your club face, thats what i did when i used to
slice it

Tom Tiger says:

mark what can i do with a slice?

BubbaWatsonfan15 says:

great tip!! this will help

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