Golf Swing Paul Kopp

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chris butler says:

He knows exactly what he is talking about !

vince dudley says:

I started golf at 68 yrs. and could only drive the ball 170 yards. By
accident I found Paul Kopp on the internet at 69 yrs.. I did his exercises
and developed swing. Now at 70yrs. I drive the ball 245 yards & my pitching
wedge 110 yards. If it was not for paul my physical condition from the past
would not allow me to play golf with a 9 handicap.

SuperTriplepPp says:

My Name is Paul Kopp too :O Iam from Germany

Dave Shelton says:

3:52 Lady admiring your hip action.

Mox_au says:

no I’M Paul Kopp!!!!

mike kinnear says:

Will the real Paul Kopp please stand up…

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