Golf Top Tips with Hank Haney: Help Your Driving

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Heres a tip that will help your driving. Ninety percent of the people that play golf tend to slice the ball to the right. And its worse with the driver, because the driver is the straightest-fac…


moreme40 says:

Didn’t he swing massively out to in ?

Ben Ewart says:

@Lumbergfucther Tiger actualy had the highest win % with haney

Radiobantu says:

It really does work, went to try it during my lunch brake and got good
results. Will recommend it.

Boomer Tee says:

HANK…kudos for your many tips/inspirations! ARNIE has also inspired many
with his PROSTAE awareness; perhaps you can inspire your many SENIORS in
VISION…”macular degeneration(AMD)” AMD has surpassed Prostate cancer now
in stats( A silent anomaly, AMD needs your HELP Hank in
awareness! PREVENTION: YOU TUBE (photochromic transitions) AMD ALLIANCE
golfing H

rianco says:

just that easy huh…..

grantsoe says:

Ironically the ball appears to begin on a left to right path after he hits
it ha but his advice is very good

Lumbergfucther says:

From the guy who ruined Tigers swing

Mr Hops says:

Ahh thats my problem… Too vertical

Atimar says:

I would slice the ball to the right, over the 100 foot tall netting just at
the driving range.

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