[HD] School of Golf Chapter 11: Understanding the pivots

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bnegs521 says:

Nice set of hOOters.

exolab says:

That tube drill is pure genius. It did more for my swing in a week than the 3 months spent practicing and playing before did.

Thank you for that. Great video.

bensta690 says:

god…DAMN I wish i knew a golfer like that chick

MrHuss says:

Easy there, big guy

srfin24 says:

why is she always wearing the shortest skirt. Have some class a pretty girl like her doesn’t have to wear such tight clothes to get attention. What attention whore

conor lawrenson says:

14:25 im going to take my bell..,

WornGlobe says:

Him or her? 😀

araj79 says:

shes an updated claire forlani 🙂 

Lester Pellos says:

Id like to pivot her!!!!!

Henry Adda Chaisritha says:

Wow she’s hot!

Yakuzagolfnews says:

I’m not sure Mr Hall ever had a chance…

itsleo says:

Smart, Athletic and Beautiful…wow……..

xmanni02 says:

she’s cock-eyed. GREAT body…  wish she would massage my putter..

bukbonzai says:

Totally inappropriate comments. Seriously! Grow up

vicmanuelarmenta says:

11:45 she is thinking of my dick right now

belair510 says:

What’s wrong with her eye? I’d still hump her
in the butt!

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