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Welcome to the Monday Night Golf Show where me and Rick look at the swing of DP World Champion Henrik Stenson, chat about Lydia Ko, smash some tee pegs and answer your questions! Enjoy 🙂 …


Sam Durward says:

#PETER&RICK was rooting for you so hard in the match and so happy you beat
those me and my golf fellas , awesome stuff lads!!!!!

Vici Martynov says:

Good fitting advice I would say, I took the view that i didnt have a
reliable swing when I started so would buy standard neutral clubs to start
with – I also used the fitting programs online by Ping and Forgan which
confirmed I was ladies standard (1 inch shorter than men) – I have found
the clubs perfect and used the same fitting parameters when i bought my 3
wedges later in the year, all standard with shaft 1 inch shorter to match
my other clubs. My 3 Nike covert woods are full length mind but I have had
no problems with them :-)

FmGeneration says:

why was part 3 not on petes???

Peter Finch Golf says:

Welcome to the Monday Night Golf Show where me and Rick look at the swing
of DP World Champion Henrik Stenson, chat about Lydia Ko, smash some tee
pegs and answer your questions! Enjoy :)

Ben Danby says:

Hi Rick and Pete great Monday night golf show as usual. Great swing
analysis of Henrick stenson. You two have helped me improve my golf game
thanks keep up the awesome videos and great work. 

James Littler says:

Quality stuff once more from the returning heroes. Firmly putting
MeMeMeandMygolf in their place. Substance over style wins out in the end.
Compared to M&MG’s matching get-ups Rick and Pete might look like a couple
of bin men but they certainly know their golfing onions. Congratulations.

I don’t want to give too much away but a little dickie bird has told me the
result of the Night Golf Christmas Special. I’ll put it in code so as not
to spoil it for anyone. !!!NIW KCIR & ETEP.

PS. “Adam with a ‘D'”. Classic.

James (with an M).

fraser carnihan says:

Stenson Trackman Driver Numbers http://vimeo.com/66815894

hegwah says:

Assuming Stenson’s clubs are fitted for him and he is a world class
athlete. Wouldnt his 4 iron shaft length be equivalent to a mere mortals 2
iron. Does that begin to explain why the pros hit it so far. Of course
there are execptions like Rory but he generates his clubhead speed through
quick torso rotation and the obvious bulking up of muscle in the gym. Of
course they are also very very talented guys and gals on the tour…. !

JCorke72 says:

I’m 6′ 2″ but might grow another inch or 2.. Should I be playing a longer
shaft in all of my clubs??

Carl Broadbent says:

My son is 7 he swings his driver and irons right handed and putts left
handed. He’s a lefty. 🙂 

Foomba says:

During college practice rounds if Ben Crenshaw was beating his teammates
badly he would switch to left-handed and still win.

Johan Klarin says:

” A genius among Swedes” +peterfinchgolf +RickShielsPGAGolf you say. As a
Swede, I must protest – Henrik is simply an average Swede. :)

UMad Bro?!?! says:

Love the Monday night golf show! Been loving the Turkey trip uploads as
well! Keep it up lads.

Sam Durward says:

rick if your coming to brisbane, i live there and happily invite you to
play at my club royal queensland which is one of the best in Queensland you
won’t be disappointed!! 

Dan Birkin says:

+Peter Finch Golf +RickShielsPGAGolf
As regards to fittings, I had been playing with my dad’s i3s (black spot)
… felt fine with those. been improving well. Went for custom fit at
american golf in derby, fitted me some G30s (yellow spot) so slightly more
upright. Was really good experience and they seem to be really working for
me, i’m seeing some great improvements every time i play. Keep up the good
videos guys

Tadhg O’Connor says:

Guys u never mentioned, Stenson huge move off the ball as a swing trigger,
goes against most alot of modern teaching

Scott Little says:

Another fun packed show guys.. iv played golf for about 5 years but only
took it serious this year. My handicap was 19 to start and managed to get
to 13.5.. iv never been fitted for clubs but think I will after next
year..plus hoping to get down to see uz guys for a lesson or 2.. im fatting
to ball and dont feel im hit down on it.. watched u and ricks and
meandmygolf videos on weight shift and feel its helping… oh ps WHEN is
the crossfield match or is hr STILL running scared lol.. come on crossfield
man up 

Rob Roberts says:

With fitting irons when starting, IMO being aware of the effects of an
offset in irons is as important as length or lie. A big offset can counter
a slice or result in hooks in more on plane swings. 

Spencer Mulcahy says:

i have been playing for 14 months with a shop bought set which i have
updated gradually. I feel my swing is ready now for a fit set which i have
just purchased so when i come too yourselves for lessons after xmas (i do
mean that but don’t know which one of you to go too) I am ready for you too
improve my game. 

Zach Skorupski says:

Aussie aussie!

siege159 says:

It looks like Rory is squatting 275, which isn’t terribly massive. Those
bumper plates make it look like a lot more than it really is

Andy Gordon says:

You guys do so much together and even work at the same place, wouldn’t it
be sensible to amalgamate your two channels?

Rick Howarth says:

Quite fancy being able to swing both ways, could be useful for getting out
of tight holes….!!

Great show

Richard Gatenby says:

Isn’t there a rule that says what putting you can’t repair spike marks on
your line? I would change that.

darrel schulz says:

If your coming to Brisbane next year I will take you out for a game at my

James Gooding says:

Hey guys great show as always!
Do you have any drills for keeping your ball flight down and stopping the
amount of spin? I have a fast swing speed, and down wind can hit the ball
miles, but into wind really struggle as it balloons up are there any drills
to help with this?! 

Adam MacIsaac says:

Rick if you are going to Melbourne then you should definitely play Royal

Koen Van Der Harten says:

enjoy the swing analysis very much! You guys might want to add the ball
flight simulator there as well when you’re reproducing the swings, even
though they are bad! keep up the good vids!

John Daniels says:

Rick, you must play Bonville International Golf Resort near Coffs Harbour. 

ollylea10 says:

+Peter Finch Golf +RickShielsPGAGolf guys that 4 iron stenson hit was 270!!
http://www.pga.com/news/golf-buzz/henrik-stenson-crushes-4-iron-dp-world-tour-championship also
believe the 3 wood was just a little over 300!

whogg0521 says:

I tell you guys…I really love your energy in your vids….add in the fact
that you are freezing your nads off, makes it even better..lol…Oh yeah,
it’s low 70s here in LA….just sayin’…lol.

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