Hit LESS Practice Balls and Play Better Golf

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Rick Shiels PGA says:

Hit LESS Practice Balls and Play Better Golf

Wendy Bronkema says:

Thanks for this, because the last time i went to the range i just brought
my driver and pw but afterward remembered how i was still struggling with
practicing my other irons and my game as a whole. Thanks. Good video.

Seamus Griffin says:

Who was it advised ‘practice golf like you are being paid by the hour’ ?

Derek Shorrock says:

My playing partner and I go to golf range and play our course in our heads
so hit say driver on first hole if we hit it well it leaves a wedge so we
would hit a wedge next to a flag if we hit it badly we think where would
that be on the course right we need 7 iron with a little draw to avoid
bunker and try to hit that next, we give ourselves 2 putts on every hole
and keep score since we starting doing this we have definitely improved

Diego Diaz says:

Huuuuurry up Rick…. It’ll be 2016 soon.

But surely if you hit a bad shot, you’ll need to try something different
next shot to rectify that with that same club, instead of picking up
another club ?

Mark Hainsworth says:

Think about your practice!

Charlotte Spinazzé says:

Hi Rick, great video again! Could you explain why you recommend changing
club after each shot?

gordon o'riordan says:

the only reason we hit balls so quickly at this time of year is to get
warm, good video I know I am guilty of speed practice

James Littler says:

Best video so far. You’ve inspired me! It’s the range for me tonight.

Chris Mitchell says:

Thanks Rick, I love this video. I at hitting balls @ the driving rage
differently now.

SirBigSpur06 says:

This kind of goes along with what you’re saying Rick, but what I like to do
is think about a course I’ve played or plan on playing again soon and hit
shots just like I would if I was there. If first hole is a short par 4,
hit a long iron or fairway wood. If you hook your shot and a similar shot
on the course would leave you with an odd angle into a flag with very
little green to work with, I’d hit a high pitching wedge or whatever shot
is required. I go through the front or back 9 of a course when I practice
(leaving out putts obviously). I take my time in between shot and really
think about them like I would if the shot mattered. This has really helped
me. Great video again… Cheers!

Peter Rodriguez says:

Great video. I will now only buy a small bucket at the range. 

Alan Bonner says:

Rick you were so relaxed you almost sounded half cut.

James Whelan says:

A teaching pro I used before he left my club gave me a pack of 52 playing
cards, all with a different shot written on, don’t use it as much as I
should, but does make practice less of a chore.

Alex Wolfe says:

I am definitely guilty of just hitting ball after ball without much
thought, think I’d enjoy my range time much more with more structure, going
to give this a go

Vici Martynov says:

Smiles. My 100 ball bucket is my treat of the week, what i play golf for. I
don’t practice. I watch Football Focus with lunch then drive to the range.
All week I have watched YouTube videos, from Manchester, Exeter, PGA, LPGA
etc. I have a go at all the weird stuff on the videos, bending balls round
targets, chipping left handed with an upside down 5 iron, lobbing into
baskets chosen at random. I may hit half a dozen drives if I have packed a
driver (nice to intimidate the men with a drive past the 200 yard marker he
he). The range is about having fun, its my golf. The ladies will just about
be struggling back to the clubhouse after 5 hours round the course and i
will have a drink with them. Then home to crash out on the sofa with Final
Score. My Saturday, bliss :-)

Isaac Workman says:

Golf is love golf is life lol.

Jack Evans says:

Hi Rick,
Really like your videos. I’m 12 years old and off 14. I’ve tried various
practice method but i’m not getting any lower. Any tips?

Caolán Murphy says:

Your best video yet!

b10rain says:

I disagree with this video. First off, not everyone has the time to spend
10 minutes and only hit 5 shots. Secondly, not everyone is a golf pro who
is generally quite happy with his game and shoots close to scratch. And
finally, if you want to get good at anything in life, it requires tons and
tons and tons of repetition. Ask a touring pro how many balls he hit during
a range session before he became a pro. I guarantee he won’t say 1 a
minute… Is there truth to not rushing yourself and aligning every shot as
well as varying the types of shots you practice? Of course! But good luck
improving at this kind of pace… 1 shot every 20 seconds is probably good
enough in slowing yourself down and going through your routine. Hitting 1
every minute… It’ll take you 3 times as long to improve. Period.

Marino Sullivan says:

Thanks Rick. When I go to the driving range I hit 90-120 golf balls. I see
my self getting better but mostly worst if that makes any sense. Only
started golfing about six months ago. Coming from playing basketball, where
putting up hundreds of shots makes you better. Golf is a different game I
love it.
Will definitely take your advice next time I go to the driving range. 

paul hughes says:

That is just great advice. Great vid again.

Anthony Mcleod says:

I got told years ago to practice like just hit about 50 we’re not pro’s who
have all day to hit their few hundred balls a day so good video ric

Jon Wragg says:

Good advice in Australia! I need to go like a machine gun just to stay

Peter Edwards says:

Great video Rick, it’s something I’m much more aware of since our sessions
at the Trafford Centre. I now play the range as though its a course and it
REALLY helps. 

dave44407 says:

i am comeing over the top going to the right what can i do to fix this

Robert Potter says:

How chilled out was you, dude?
Awesome vid! Something us amatures can all be accused of is practice
without structure.
I’m gonna combine this, with the warm up drills you did at Royal Lytham,
when you went with Mr Carter last year.
Could be a game changer!

Stuart Dewhirst says:

Low and left ? Why is that 

Mike Reiter says:

Great advice Rick

sulaiman saad says:

why Are you trying to swing low and left?? doesn’t that make your down
swing over the top?? it will be interesting if you post a video explaining
why low and left .

bigjosh36 says:

My own process at the range is usually hit 5 shots with different clubs
trying to achieve either similar results towards my swing sequence and
maintaining my golf posture. But have the same result as you said. Hit
different shots trying to achieve similar goals.
The improvement i’ve seen is amazing, i take around 2-2 1/2 hrs to finish a
bucket of 60 and my shots just get better and better
Great video

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