How To Find the Best Disc Golf Driver for Distance

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Complete guide and for choosing a disc golf driver that will give you maximum distance. Coverage including Flight Dynamics, Failure Modes, Strategic Disc Selection, and Top Professional Disc…


Tricia Lafferty says:

Man. I wish this would have been available when I started playing. I
definitely look forward to seeing more videos. This will be a great
benefit to players of all levels!

D Y says:

Solid video, with great information.

XelNagaStalker says:

This is the single most GREATEST tutorial I have ever seen. EVER. subbed.

RockCh4lk says:

How would you recommend selecting weight?

Mattias Handley says:

Great solid advice. Easy to understand and implement for someone trying to
elevate ones driving. Thanks

The4thshodow says:

Great vid. Pls do one talking about weight.

Kyle Johnson says:

Great video looking forward to more in the series. 

Edward Galapeaux says:

Fantastic video. very good information, I have been listening to all levels
of players who all seem to have different favorite discs and suggestions. I
am a beginner and you have been the only person with scientific
information.I believe if you keep posting videos such as this , you will
build a huge following, I thank you very much.

Matt Nemmers says:

Interesting video. Most people start from the “noob” perspective, but I
think this shows a more realistic approach since new players often tend to
gravitate towards the higher-speed discs under the false assumption that
they’ll go farther. One minor criticism — and maybe it was assumed and
intentional — is that this didn’t say on what angle the discs were being
thrown. I assume it was intended to convey a flat release, but it wasn’t
addressed. Hyzer-flips being an integral part of the game, I would LOVE to
see y’all do a video on that topic similar to this. GREAT research and
awesome narration. SUBSCRIBED!

TorchBearer says:

Great video with illustrations. Really helps with understanding everything
involved. Looking forward to seeing more.

eric vandeusen says:

Great video. Wish you would have covered disc weight though. I think the
weight of a disc has a major impact on its flight characteristics. Maybe
just as important as the type of disc you choose is the weight of that

Jared Langson says:

Nice video. Can you do one on overhead/tomahawk shots?

Reid Bryant says:

great vid keep it up! good luck on your youtube endevor!

Loïc LE PLEUX says:

Great videos, sure it will help! Though I think the disc weight parameters
is missing. if a max weight destroyer is too stable, how about trying a
lighter weight one?

Parker Davis says:

Great video! I love how you didn’t get too granular in regards to disc
release angle and disc weights. I’m sure those subjects are on radar for
videos down the line. Kept it simple. Great job! Just keep em coming, I
think you’ll build a large audience quickly. ;)

BoondockSaintRyan says:

This is what I needed months ago when I started. I’ve found, through lots
of homework and common sense, that this video is dead on!!! I’ve thrown
high speed discs, over-, under- and stable. The universal numbers on the
discs definitely apply to the “pros” or high velocity throws. Ultimately,
trial and error works best, and knowing what you can and can’t throw, too.

Norrkopings Discgolf Klubb says:
FunkytownDG says:

Great breakdown! Look forward to seeing more of these tutorials 

Dave Hanes says:

Awesome! Yes, disc weight can also be an important factor, as others have
said. I think plastic choice is even more important than disc weight. Pro
Destroyers are nowhere near as overstable as Star Destroyers. 

SimpleHumman says:

Great info, solid approach to explaining the dynamics. Can you do another
one with Fairway/ Control Discs?

andrewwglenn says:

Excellent data and presentation. May be a bit heady for the average
consumer, but I find this information to be critical for dispelling myths
concerning disc “speed” and the effective distance it will yield for
players of varying ability levels. Great work. Cheers.

Mike Fry says:

This is incredibly helpful. So many people pick up high speed discs and
then get frustrated with them (including myself). This video does a great
job explaining how to ease yourself into different discs. Thanks for the
time and effort. 

jeremy ziakas says:

Wow…great video! I’ve been playing a about a year now. This video makes
me feel like I’ve made all the right adjustments as far as driving disc.
Thanks! Hopefully a video for driving the disc off the tee pad

Dustin hood says:

Can you explain how weight could effect your disc choice?

ZoHaN AtTaCk says:

so i have a mid range comet that i can thow very straight and get a nice
left turn end almost like a putter.. but when i throw it sometimes it just
goes right like it;s super understable all of the sudden.. does this mean i
need to throw a higher speed mid range?

MrDarkhawk1972 says:

Awesome video! Wish I had this 6 months ago when I started playing. I
have 44 discs now and would’ve probably saved me hundreds of dollars if I
had this information before. ;)

Packersrulealways says:

So if i can throw my max weight champion boss and get it to turn over on a
consistent basis, does this mean I’m ready for that disc? I’m maxing out
between 375, and 400. Now if i could just get it to go the direction i want
it to…

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