How to Hit Long Irons Shawn Clement Wisdom in Golf

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MDOY79 says:

there’s nothing more satisfying than a crisply struck 4 iron!

Jordan Aubrey says:

This helped a lot with hitting my 5-3 irons. Thanks for the great video. 

simardev sodhi says:

I sometimes tend to hit down on the ball a little to much… How much divot
should I expect?

Jonathan Zach says:

Is 5 and 6 considered long irons ?
7 iron is middle iron ?

TheGolfdaily says:

Nice swing!

One of the Best Golf Channel.

Thomas Michalski says:

It’s interesting. I was noticing a strain in my backswing until I realized
that I was pointing my right foot perpendicular to the target. Once I
allowed it to ‘flare’ naturally I noticed how strain free the backswing was
and how wide my arc could get and how in balance I felt on the way through.
Hogan’s 5 fundamentals had me pointing it straight, but I think Hogan was a
special person…with exceptional flexibility. That ain’t me!

CoupeAudi1990 says:

ugly swing..

Austin Macaitis says:

Ya bro that just makes it look so easy……..

The politics lounge At 6 says:

100th comment

NanDrummer says:

I watched this and a couple of your other videos recently Shawn. I probably
spent 15 minutes total watching your vids. Tonight I went to the range and
forgot all my normal swing thoughts and just 1. Envisioned the shot I
wanted. 2. Easy Swing 3. Whip the grass and 4. Energy toward the target. I
hit the longest , highest shots I’ve ever hit and probably as high as I’ve
ever seen by anybody and still longer than I usually hit but landing much
much softer. I’m really impressed. Now I’m off to the course tomorrow
night so we’ll see if I can hit some of those on the golf course. 

Scott Clement says:
planetGoRilla1 says:

Its so easy to forget how to hit long irons. I always come to this video
to remind myself.
It never disappoints!!!!

Joe McDaniel says:

Does this apply to woods too?

Patrick Burns says:

Best golf lesson videos I’ve ever found! Shawn Clement has take 8 strokes
off my handicap in just 1 month and I broke 80 for the first time! Thanks

Todd Evans says:

Shawn i have only started to play golf since june this year i am still
getting to grips with stance throught the clubs as in driver off inside
right heal to SW center stance etc, i notice in your stance your more over
to your right foot with your 4 iron? i have been hitting my 3or 4 near
inside as driver i’m getting nice straight long hits but turf taken is so

Oscar C says:

Been enjoying your videos. Aloha from Hawaii.

Andre Lee says:

Swing like that all the time?

Gordon McEachnie says:

I gave up golf over 20 years ago because I was hopeless. Decided to get
back into it and with the help of your videos I’m hitting my irons better
than ever (still struggling with the driver but I’ll get there). Haven’t
been on a course much but 5 minutes away is the marvellous ‘Bob Torrence
school of golf’. Bob stayed just down the road from me. Will probably join
a club next spring. Just wanted to say thanks for your brilliant videos.

Steve Pete says:

Walked 9 yesterday. Only had a few clubs in my bag. Was hitting my 3 wood
fantastic. Hitting wonderful mid and short irons also. And then I grabbed
my forged muscle-back 3 iron with a face so small it looks like a blade
putter. Anything hit off- center felt terrible and didn’t go anywhere,
especially toe hits. Facing this challenge, all I wanted to do was figure
out how to solidly hit this club—the dreaded long iron. Using a neutral
grip and aiming slightly right and playing the ball toward the middle of my
stance, I was hitting it off the toe. I did have some success with a weak
grip, aiming left, and exploding with the hips. Was able to find the center
of the clubface. But I wanted to be able to hit a baby draw with it too. So
I spent the next few holes hitting it off the tee and then the fairway to
try to dial in a draw. Always a challenge. Tomorrow, I think I’ll save
myself some headaches and just use my 18 degree hybrid. Even with my 6
handicap, the 3 iron can be elusive. But an important club for hitting
under trees and when you need to hit that low runner. So that’s why I
refuse to give up on it completely. Maybe a regular or graphite shaft would
make things easier—my stiff shaft makes it more of a challenge. 

Bob Kienast says:

Great videos! Generally my “miss” is a push fade but with my long irons my
tendency is fat and in the toe! Hopefully I can out some of your thoughts
to good use.

Lee Cummings says:

Very nice Shawn!

SOS89140 says:

If I swung the club that hard, I’d pop one nut. Maybe both.

Darrin Force says:

Hi Shawn. Another awesome lesson. Can you comment on the width between feet
in the setup, especially as it relates to over swinging? I’m 6’2″, and
always feel more comfortable with a somewhat narrow stance, but I think
it’s causing me to overswing and I feel like I’m not braced over my lower
body, like it’s just twisting vs. bracing. I know you usually recommend
shoulder width, with both feet pointed outward a bit. I’m wondering if more
of. Hogan setup (left foot turned out about 30 degrees, with right foot
pointed perpendicular to the target line) might help me feel more braced.
I’ve read Hogan adopted this setup partially to stop over swinging. 

Jessica Long says:

Nice Videos Shawn! I am self taught and have learned a lot from your
videos. I have forced myself to learn my long irons first just like Harry
Vardon says to do in his book. I see people at the driving range practicing
one club, hit a few bad shots with it get frustrated and pick up another
club and do the same thing. I’ve spent months mastering the long clubs and
now the short ones are just easy.

james eadie says:

long irons I have to close the face over to avoid a slice or power fade any

Kristian Mellingen says:

Hi. I keep hitting the ground before the ball with my long irons, so this
season they havent been out of the bag. I use the “textbook” ballposition,
witch works fine with mid to short irons. Can ballposition be an individual
thing like the grip?

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