How to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed

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Increasing your golf swing speed requires a basic knowledge of how centrifugal force works. Get tips on the best ways shoot a faster ball from a professional golf instructor in this free video on playing golf. Expert: Conan Elliott Bio:Conan Elliott has been the director of instruction at Camas Meadows Golf Club since January 2004. He has been teaching for more than 30 years and truly is a “teacher of champions.” Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson


Jasmine Antonelli says:

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QNH1013 says:

looks like he “topped” the ball on his last swing. lol

Paul Chia says:

1. Turn your body around your spine
2. Keep your wrist cocked
3. Rotate the forearms to release

UltimateSwingTrainer says:

I decided to write a novel and …. Is he done with that Swing yet? 😉

Ricky Flower says:

Just a bowl of soup? I took the dog for a walk and washed my car before he made it to impact!

UltimateSwingTrainer says:

LOL! Is his swing over? I just finished my bowl of soup! LMAOOOOOO!

UltimateSwingTrainer says:

Respect is for people who have performed at the highest level in the world. You should return the favor and give it to the best in the world. Do you? No, so heads up! A professional who claims to know about distance and can’t do it, is like your neighbor telling you he drives fast, compared to a formula 1 racer. He is long compared to joe hackarama, but its comical to people who are the best in the world!  My point is, If you haven’t done it or can’t do it, don’t talk about it and FOOL

dbasrus says:

You lack respect

dbasrus says:

Well technically, he’s right. We apply centripetal force to the club through rotation. Centrifugal force is Newton’s equal but opposite reaction. But it’s a totally anal distinction to make.

Kåre Marius Lunde says:

Very good.

detailr458 says:

Better to say nothing and be thought the fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Dictionary’s are good “CENTRIFUGAL” Nice video good simple advice

28triton07 says:

If Nolan Ryan were to teach you how to pitch he would be incapable to throwing very hard… If at all actually. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t teach you something.

A4nkid100 says:

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the7white7tomb says:

I stopped watching when i heard/read centrifugal… honestly??? Is centripetal that complicated of a word??

markovjp says:

It doesn’t matter that HIS swing speed is slow. He is telling you everything you need to know to increase YOURS. Isn’t that why you’re here watching this video?

gammertag says:

you have a slow swing speed

EyeSquaredAre says:

Why is the spine so damn important? What if my center of rotation is around my liver, does an angel lose it’s wings?

UltimateSwingTrainer says:

Can I see someone swing slower than a dead person tell everyone how to hit it farther? Oh thank you! LMFAOOOO!

7vos7 says:

Кто с PHD хакквеста палец вверх ;D

MrSteMalone says:

refuse to take advice on swing speed from someone who’s swing speed is slower than my grandma’s

Nick Woerner says:

Pretty sure it’s centrifugal.

TheFunnysamnoob333 says:

People who play golf are so wealthy they give away free hats. As shown on the side bar.

rideHVNY says:

cintrifical? pretty sure its cintripetal

natedanaste says:

If you multiply your swing speed time 2.5 that will be you drive distance.

wintersnowboard says:

even though swing speed helps alot, you dont need it. my swing speed on my hardest swing is about 100 mph if im lucky its probably about 95. but my average drive is still about 250 yards

GolfSwingTipsBlog says:

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Frankiboy68 says:

for noobs tip, those are logical points normaly done naturally, if you’re a natural

cercer20 says:

Great tip, very well explained! Thank you.

motorbreath1983 says:

YouTube recommended this video for me. I can’t understand why.

leftlane27 says:

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Dan Pesant says:

very nice…a fellow Golf addict

zZrEtRiBuTiOnZz says:

Or you could just not suck with the driver and hit a 7 iron into the green instead of a 4 iron. 7 iron will usually get you closer to the flag, which will in turn cause you to make more putts and lower your scores.

That’s why people want to hit big drives. You don’t NEED to, but it’s nice as long as you can make the putts as well.

mikeandike76 says:

why in the world would you need it drive the ball 350 yards?? if you wanna become good at golf take your driver out of your bag and only use fairwaywoods or irons. ive been doing this for a while and its the reason ive been able to be a 4 handicap. all you have to do is hit the fairway and keep the ball out of trouble…

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