How To Line Golf Putts To The Hole

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How To Line Golf Putts To The Hole.


TheLordWillis says:

Is Mark gay? Just wondering don’t have a problem!

Geoff McMillian says:

While we are on the subject of putting, if I pay the 150 a month for the No
Respect Club, what kind of guarantee comes with that purchase? Am I
promised to make any putt that I no respect, or only putts within a certain
distance of the hole? Just wondering & thank you so much for your time.

DoctorJedi says:

What stick shift car is this? 

MrShanghai34 says:

To line up or not to line up. I don’t, most of the time. I look at he green
and decide which way the green breaks. Incorrectly, most of the time, but
that’s golf. Side bar: I notice they must be in the slow lane. Even getting
passed by little old ladies. Safe drivers arrive later.

Aussie Taffia says:

I use the line up all the time.. its part of my routine. I don’t look at
the line again once i’m over the putt, just looking at distance and speed.
My putting average is about 1.8 putts a hole and i’m a 22 handicapper. I
don’t take any longer than guys i play with and they don’t use the line up.
At the end of the day lining the ball up with a point you have decided on
only takes a couple of second longer than placing it normally.

Andy M says:

Im enjoying these. Audio could be clearer but I am getting old.


First comment 

Mark Reed says:

It’s a Kia!

Mark Reed says:

Mark, why such a boring car? Looks like a golf?

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