Impact position like Camilo Villegas: A Golf Lesson by Herman Williams, PGA

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Close Herman Williams, PGA Professional Golf Instructor at The Golf Academy in Raleigh, NC explains the secret to Camilo Villegas’ winning golf swing at the Honda Classic. This online golf lesson video discusses Camilo’s ability to hit controlled punch shots, stingers and knock-downs. If you want to hit piercing iron shots, take a divot past the ball and stop slicing while improving your power, this video is a must-see.


hermanwilliamsgolf says:

Gmonkey, thanks for commenting. Your observations are accurate and fairly common. When head moves past ball, you’ve altered the location of the hub or center of your swing which changes the swing path & the timing of closing the face. Keeping pressure on the shaft is tricky because you must be sure the pressure is not so much outward. You start the downswing with club moving down behind you and keep the pressure downward. Body turn will kick it outward. See my “right wrist video for more.”

gmonkey808 says:

Hi Herman.
Two things I would like to share with you and your subscribers.
1. As a golf novice if i keep the thought of pressure on the shaft as you describe I sometimes have a habit of pushing the club out to the ball. This causes me to shank.
2. The other impact fault I have is that my head gets infront of the ball. I think this causes me to push the ball right? Sometimes push slice. Is that likely?
When im concentrating on hitting down and maintaining pressure the above errors creep in.

brad stecklein says:

most pros do take the club away like that with body pivot, but i think there are other options. i need to feel almost as if i’m fanning the face open with an early set as the club moves up plane. the more students i see, the more ways i discover there are to get to the mall!

D Biddle says:

Awesome. More videos would be even more awesome!

1664Louis says:

Thanks for the reply Herman, I tend to find I get the club trapped across my body through impact so trying to work on that at the moment.

hermanwilliamsgolf says:

I understand. Tour players and guys that hook the ball may do better with a “body release” and quiet hands, but most golfers will do better to get the hands more active. Once you start hooking simply speed up your body … don’t stop using your hands. Good luck and thanks for commenting. – Herman

1664Louis says:

Great video! I recently had a lesson from a local pro which really screwed me up from what alot of people are teaching in the release. He basically had me drilling a feeling of almost a block release, a kind of body release which to me as someone who sliced the ball was very difficult to understand.

Tuck1030 says:

Another great one from the HERMANIZER!!

secretogolf says:

Yep thats what I was speaking too and I agree with the ldea of being slightly higher,but that would happen do to the forward shaft lean.There are some very well respected instuctors here at UTUBE who want U to be high/hand arm in line and flat at adress with the left and then keep it that way to impact.The right already in line with the handle too.This seems weak .WDYUT?

hermanwilliamsgolf says:

ok – I think I get it. Most player’s hands come back slightly higher at impact than address. I’m fine with it as long as it’s not too excessive (ie less than a 2″ difference) and lie of clubs is fitted properly.

secretogolf says:

Sorry didn’t explain too well.I meant as shaft angle lies on the shelf,with forward lean,bent right,flat left.just the angle of the shaft trying at least to remain as it was at address.Of course momentum will push to a bit more upright.I noticed this in Nicklaus’ swings it gives you a great feeing of control and lag.

hermanwilliamsgolf says:

Not sure what you mean by left hand position there, but I’ll assume you mean at impact with no forward shaft lean, perfectly neutral with original loft. I actually think that is fine especially for most amateurs who tend to swing at lower speeds and struggle to get longer clubs lofted. Most of my clients are scooping, adding loft so i will work toward the typical Tour position with a leaning, slightly delofted shaft at impact knowing they will probably not actually achieve it.

secretogolf says:

Great response!!How do you feel about players benefiting from being sure they reach impact with the club and shaft angle as ,”The Club Lies ON The Shelf?”In other words right hand is aligned with the handleleft hand is seperated and on top of the handle about 10 degrees.

hermanwilliamsgolf says:

It certainly could. Hogan was cupped at the top on purpose to prevent any chance of a hook and increase lag. Then he could aggressively rotate the forearms in the downswing and end up at impact with a slightly bowed left wrist. Without his athleticism, timing, work ethic, etc. I recommend most people try to get the wrist flat much sooner (i.e. top of backswing) so there is not so much to accomplish in downswing. Just make sure grip, wrist position & downswing move fit together.

secretogolf says:

Herman Great piece -I had one question on obtaining the flat left wrist.TB who is an expert on Hogans Swing recomends twisting the wrists in the downswing as a way to reach impact with a flat left wrist.Will this cause hooks or do you need to just learn how much to twist?

Boston George

hermanwilliamsgolf says:

thanx … this move is a little tricky for some but great if you can work through it and figure it out

maddogmoloney72 says:

very helpful,thanks.

hermanwilliamsgolf says:

thanks. I’m in the middle of my busy season now but I’ll try to have some more new stuff out soon. Herman

larrycarlton60 says:

After a few years of studying intently and watching loads of DVDs and youtube videos, I’ve just watched 4 of yours and they are superb – some of the very best that I’ve seen. Exceptionally clear communication and great content. Well done and thank you.

Curtis Walton says:

lots to work on …thanks again

hermanwilliamsgolf says:

thanks for the compliment I hope it helps.

viola128 says:

great lesson. I will try it the next time i am at the range. This seems to be the problem for my irons.

hermanwilliamsgolf says:

Correct. The ball position will be slightly farther forward for woods & hybrids, so the clubhead angle of approach levels out near the ball anyway. Keep the same overall swing feel but the shaft will not be leaning as far forward on the long clubs and thus will not be as delofted at impact – more of a level sweep. Keeping that wrist flat through the ball is the real key and don’t be afraid to let the clubhead turn over – you won’t hook it if your hands stay in front. Great question.

Michael Gaglione says:

Herman, is it the same thought with woods and hybrids off the fairway? Just don’t take any divot after the ball?

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