Jeff Ritter – Golf Swing – Back Swing Sequence – Left Arm

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Jeff discusses the key elements to an efficient and effortless back swing. Visit Jeff’s site for private online coaching.


joe darby says:

This tip has made the difference for me and has made sense of the all so
difficult golf swing. First day, first five minutes of doing this drill has
worked wonders. From driver to 60 deg wedge, striking the ball hard and on
the correct plane. Thank you!! 

Tim Schäfer says:

thats a really good idea…

chuck powers says:

Jeffs website is nice too. For five bucks you print out a book on everthing
he teaches and more videos

eto121212 says:


babyherc says:

Good stuff just discovered that I am not rotating my left forearm properly.

Alan Baker says:

Jeff, before you waste much time with him, I think you should know that
Larry is an 18+ handicap who has had more completely contradictory ideas
about what the golf swing should be than anyone could possibly be count.

brad stecklein says:

@RobertMirzakhanian this dude’s in golf magazines. it doesn’t mean he’s the
world’s foremost on golf instruction, but i’m yet to see the name
mirzakhanian in anything i subscribe to! and if you want people to listen
to your argument, try presenting your case in a clean, professional manner.

Ashley Roberts says:

Jeff – can’t thank you enough. I’ve been looking for a consistent back
swing for an eternity. This video has really helped me cure flipping the
club face open and getting stuck behind which has led to wild hooks &
pushes. Just won the monthly comp – you are a genius.

aaron lopez says:

@RobertMirzakhanian You obviously now nothing about golf! Studying Jeff’s
videos got me shooting from the high 90’s to the low 80’s.

Anderson McCant says:

@rippendorber That’s just to much to do within the swing of a one planer…

James Jones says:

Lol, have u people ever heard of Jim Hardy, Mike Labauve? Ritter knows what
he is talking about, u my not agree with his swing philosophy but it’s
right for the swing he is teaching…and it’s more than magazines that
gives him credibility!

larryrsf says:

Shouldn’t we have the butt of the club pointing out beyond the ball on top?
” On plane” is too steep on top. That “flattening” of the shaft angle
triggers the hips to move first in order to clear and setup the post for
accelerating the clubhead through. That is certainly what Hogan taught and
demonstrated in a dozen Youtubes.

jritter55 says:

@larryrsf At what point in the video do I say to point the butt of the club
at the ball? Swing plane is the law of parallels and yes, if you are on
plane the butt of the shaft will point beyond the ball as you have
suggested. Keep in mind, that this is only necessary in the transition as
many successful players set the shaft well steeper than what a perfect
plane by “definition” would be.

Marcus says:

This is a very good lesson by a top class instructor…. it pays to listen
and learn!

rippendorber says:

@bassworship50 I know it sounds complicated but i am simply explaiing the
positions you need to put your body in to keep the clubface square
throughout impact. The idea of the golf swing is the deliver the clubface
squarely at the ball consitently for consistent results. So why would you
open and close the clubface throughout the golf swing? The one plane swing
is not a realistic explanation of the golf swing. there is no universal
plane because nobody has the EXACT same body type

Golf Progress says:

That’s a great drill Jeff, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the lead arm action
broken down in that way.

rippendorber says:

you just dont need to open the clubface up….if you hinge your wrists at a
45 degree angle and maintain it throughout your backswing by internally
rotating your bicep the clubface stays square throughout the entire
swing…..then it is a matter of rotating the lower body correctly to keep
the club square, but all this open the club up and on plane stuff is way
wrong and brings a lot of error into the picture…..

ubb4me says:

I’ve been all over the web looking for a drill for the takeaway. None of
them clicked for me until now. I pull the club inside but within minutes of
practicing your drill I’m on plane using my full swing. Simple drill that
allowed me to feel the move instead of trying to put the club in the
correct position.

Joseph Murray says:

I’ve literally watched thousands of golf videos, and this is one of the
best drills i’ve ever seen. I have a continuing problem of getting the club
to far behind, and then getting stuck coming back down. This drill did the
trick. Thanks man

James Jones says:

@philiphu80-This is a back swing drill for a one plane swing, he has one
for the right & left arm. The turning of shoulders & raising of the arms is
a two plane sequence.

Make The Turn says:

@RobertMirzakhanian This video does not say that you only swing or even
think of hitting with your left arm. There are two videos to this set. One
is designed to “isolate” the feeling of how the left arm works in the
backswing and the other is to “isolate” the feeling in the right so that
people can understand what each arm is doing to create your backswing plane
. It’s a drill for feeling back swing movement only in each arm and has no
bearing on the “feeling” of what is to occur into the hit.

orkayen says:

I like the way you teach, Jeff. Lots of good tips. As far as Left Arm
rotation, is true that the left elbow must always point to the ground. I
agree we need to rotate but how do we achieve the later.

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