Johnny Miller Golf Swing Fundamentals

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Johnny Miller Golf Swing Fundamentals


Josh Dansing says:

Thanks Johnny Miller, you are tha man thanks for a lesson worth watching thank you Johnny

kellogg arianna says:

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iangray0201 says:

Very good

par4par72 says:

Nothing this “Ass” teaches, I would want to hear…just go away! 

360Freakoutkid says:

Related to him.

prorobo says:

Proving you wrong is so simple that a monkey could do it. Just kill yourself already. You are the epitome of stupidity ya worthless mudman. Your existence is a bane to the world. It’s too bad your mother didn’t abort you after she was raped.

Sandun Nirodha says:

This debate is finally over due to off-topic comments. I now believe that there are people in this world who ignores what is best for mankind’s’ future existence over temporary entertainment. That is how stupid some humans are.. Good day to you golfy toddler!

prorobo says:

No need to surrender since you’ve already proven yourself to be a dumbass over and over again. But thank you for not posting anymore ya sakkiliya mudman!

Sandun Nirodha says:

ok!!ok!!…I surrender, I accept that golf is for fags as you said. And I accept that you are one as well. Sorry for dumping rubbish in your drain home.

prorobo says:

You don’t “except” comments eh? It all makes sense that a retarded cricket fanboy would exude this much ignorance on Youtube. Please kill any and all of your blood relatives and then yourself. And let the rest of us enjoy a better world. Idiot.

Sandun Nirodha says:

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prorobo says:

Try improving your reading comprehension before responding next time. YOUR existence is far more damaging to the environment than a golf course. The house or apartment you live in, the car you drive around in, the computer that you make yourself look stupid on Youtube with; all these things damage the environment. But please feel free to continue showing your ignorance. You were probably a big fan of the Occupy Wall Street moron movement as well. Idiot.

Sandun Nirodha says:

What about Global Warming? Grass??…seriously?!?? Scientists are currently going crazy on experimenting various ways to stop global warming which will cause the polar ice caps of the antarctic and arctic to melt. This melting process would add excess ocean mass and hence…TSUNAMI. Planting one freaking plant would help to keep a balance atmosphere. Imagine what forest can doo!!! Please try to be an eco-friendly person and learn to love the nature in the future.

PLooBzor says:

Global warming isn’t real, that’s why they call it climate change now. The Earth stopped warming around the year 2000.

prorobo says:

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Sandun Nirodha says:

Golf is such a wasteful sport. People clear tonnes of forests each year for useless purposes where you hit a hard white ball as far as you can to get it to a hole. I mean think about it! A lot of acres are wasted and now they are complaining about Global Warming!! Golf should be banned if we want to live. Is it people or a lame sport that should be chosen?

MrVeka98 says:

@zcoapen awesome i agree ofcourse. BTW! Its absolutely without spending any money i got a NFL jersery

jr55ful says:

saw him in a tournament in texas in the 90’s. he talked to the fans during play and thanked us for coming out. he and mark omeara are the most friendly tour guys i can think of.

miwamiwakodomogaiku says:


photomanfc says:

Johnny is the man! This is a true gift. Thank you!

Kevin Dunn says:

great video thanks for sharing

tisanosennbazuru says:

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zibby43 says:

Johnny Miller definitely likes penetration.

deanw0rmer says:

A lot of stupidity in the comments section. But of course it’s YouTube so why am I surprised ?

rasprotection says:

WOOOM. Mormon gold.

A4nkid100 says:

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bobkbob1 says:

is this tutorial for every club in general or just irons ?

forejra619 says:

Best instructor on the planet ..Probably a10,000.00$ lesson if hewanted to charge for it
.well worth that…if you could book a lesson with him..hopfull to some day..

shibaura1001 says:

Mate are slow or just a plan dick ?

jayschneib says:

He had me mesmorized

bigmaxy07 says:

LOL, read the coke comments first then watch the video! haha

Brian Welsh says:

You want to learn something?!! PAY ATTENTION!!! 

999Rass says:

Best f*cking video on youtube, all explained in a mad laymans terms without b*llshit included. Gravity move and karachi thing has bought it all home. Need to watch video over and over to get all fine details. Cheers great help.

hommeeygeeee says:

bad day at the office?

AilLvCentral says:

He’s the best talker of the golf swing. He for sure knows what he’s talking about. That’s a lot of info in just a 9 minute video.

rrtmlt says:

Talk about a lot of fucking hot air. This cunt loves the sound of his own voice. Fucking bible bashing poofter cunt!!!!

M3gatr0n44 says:

haha talk about erratic, someone did a bag of coke 5mins before the camera rolled

bmwrepairguy says:

now you can take a breath woooooo

envytea says:

Jibber-jabber sounds like this coach is coked-out. No way he isn’t….

Tikiman03 says:

He knows the golf swing….I can’t stand his announcing/personality though..wish he was off the air…it sucks listening to him the whole US Open, glad NBC only gets one major

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