Learn a hit, not a golf swing!.wmv

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Learning to play should be learning a simple hit, but we have complicated the sport with the learning of a complicated golf swing. We are submitting this video to the golf channel in search…


Teppo Einari says:

I reported the video to protect golfers who might take this seriously

Linda Sheets says:

Oh my goodness — he spends the first SIX minutes of a nine minute video
just yakking and repeating himself and not really saying anything!

Richie Dela Merced says:

Wow please look at some slow motion videos on impact. Impact doesn’t start
at the top of the ball. SERIOUSLY

Jason Cordes says:

I would like to know what your handicap is ?

Tyler Westra says:

This is how u play golf

TheNYgolfer says:

9:04 “you’re hitting the TOP of the golf ball” ??? It’s late I must be
hearing things

ultimategolfer605 says:

Pro hits down then take a divot. Trying to hit up on the ball and behind by
picking the ball is not proper technique. Should try it if you learn the
hitting technique.

scifigolf says:

Yuk, Fliparama.

ultimategolfer605 says:

not hearing things what I teach works but I teach only students who want to
learn and learn correctly. If u want to learn our system sign-up for my
internet lesson package at our website.

Toby Clowes says:

This is a rip off of the Blair technique

ultimategolfer says:

check out our new book on amazon The Ultimate Way – Golf Method

sickofgovwaste says:

With all due respect, Chad, I have no idea what you’re blathering on
about… There is nothing substantive in this entire “intro.” Flipping the
club a the ball? HIT, don’t swing? I will give you one thing, you are
certainly contrary to conventional wisdom… Not for me, but good luck with

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