Left Arm Motion – Golf Swing Tips For Improved Consistency

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www.performbettergolf.com – Golf Swing Biomechanic Mike Pedersen of PerformBetterGolf.com shows you how your left arm should move in the golf swing to hit pure golf shots and improve your consistency. A connected left arm in your swing will produce a repeatable golf swing with very few flaws. Once you get this, you’ll be striking the ball better than you have in years. Learning what your left arm does in your golf takeaway, downswing and through impact will be an eye-opener for you. Golf Swing Training Aid If you really want to get the feel of this connected left arm, take a look at this training aid: www.performbettergolf.com For more FREE golf swing video tips, head on over to www.performbettergolf.com


partjoko says:

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Jin Woo Lee says:

Great video!!!!!!

gusss111 says:

Great tip, will try today

Charlie Ritch says:

Great Tip and video Mike! It has helped me immediately with slicing and improving my impact.

Ramona Valentino says:

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retrodome59 says:

Really appreciate the tip. Have been trying many things to improve my shoulder turn, down swing and impact. The clarity of your instructions have simplified my swing thoughts.Tried this tip on the range recently. Immediately improve on the ball striking and balance. Greatly reduced sculling and hitting behind the ball. Can’t wait to get on the course. Thank you.

GolfJuiceTV says:

Thanks for sharing the tips Mike. The part with dropping your left arm low at impact has given me something to take to the range and fix my over the top move. Cheers!

Samuel Adams says:

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dannyfr22 says:

these are some of the best videos on youtube. you explain things i have NEVER heard before, and i have seen a lot

Glenn Defoe says:

That is awesome. I have improved a lot lately, but must admit, I still struggled with the initial takeaway. This is a great swing thought. Feels very solid.

paul pinckard says:

Tried this at the golf range after months of hooking and misstiming shots- works great -thankyou verymuch!

mahina222 says:

Awesome !!

mrcali68 says:

Solid video! Thanks for posting!

Therasak Wonganusorn says:

Very good teaching…

Fred Davidson says:

Good simple lesson. Thank you Sir.

JuliusJueLi says:

Awesome vid

mini696 says:

I dont yet have the flexibility to complete my backswing in this manner I can get about 80% there. Should I stop where I can so I dont do something weird and come off plane?

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