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JACK NICKLAUS GOLF DRILL – STOP YOUR GOLF HOOK Meandmygolf analyse Piers Wards Golf swing and shows how is using the Nicklaus golf drill to help stop the gol…


paul hutchinson says:

Nice simple change looks like you will be hitting more on the short stuff
this year. Your swing looks really good Piers have an awesome 2015.

cole delahooke says:

Cole here from the States. Piers and Andy are the best golf personalities
on YouTube. Always enjoy watching both of you! Hopefully this is all
sustainable for both of you to continue well into the future!

Carlos Baez says:

What if you want to go the other way as piers ( close face). Thank you you
guys in advance. Watching your smooth swing in the course blogs has helped
a lot specially with my slice. My miss sometimes goes straight right with a
litttle fade. Congratulations for your channel 

Michael Rolton says:

Still looking to improve, what a great example to us all. Remember, you
(and Andy) played the back nine of the Brabazon from the black tees in
three under par!

slayzakattack says:

Hey guys, love the videos! You say Facebook AND Twitter AND Instagram.. If
I only have a Facebook account can I still enter the swing analysis?

golfninja says:

+Meandmygolf Congrats Piers on winning the competition!! 🙂 Good stuff
guys, always really interesting to see how you both approach making changes
to your swing to work to improve. Nicklaus cultivated a push fade with his
action to eliminate the left side of the golf course. More rotation in your
swing sounds like you’re working on more of a ‘hold release’ pattern
through impact (most – not all – top Tour Pro’s seem to be using more of a
‘hold release’ strike pattern) so maybe in the delivery position you’d want
the hands & the club head more in a straight line parallel to the target
line?? Kelvin Miyahira has done some good research on the hold release
strike pattern.

scotti2hotti2 says:

You may remember me mentioning on another video that I thought your grip
was very neutral and that you could benefit form a slightly stronger than
neutral grip, as per most tour pros out there. Well the bad shots you
describe in this video back up my theory as a neutral grip means that if
you get the club on plane and ‘in the slot’ in the downswing, you will need
to do a lot of work with your hands to prevent hitting it right. Over
correct and you get the one that goes left. The changes you’re talking
about making will allow you to hit a safe little fade to get you around the
golf course. My suggestion will allow you to get the club ‘in the slot’ and
keep it there, enabling a slightly inside attack and really get that
forward shaft lean at impact and keep the club face squarer for longer.
You’ll probably start by hitting a bit of a pull, naturally, but after 500
– 1000 balls with an 8 iron, your body will have made the appropriate
corrections to let you go at it a lot harder and hit a powerful high draw
that I’m sure you’ve longed for. You’ll also notice a vast improvement in
the strike since you’ll be able to get that all important shaft lean
through impact.

Golfchampz says:

in golf scores matter technique perfection is useless, natural swing
mixed with some tewaks by a good coach works best i.e look at butch harmon
with dustin johnson, he prob best player in world if he focuses on golf and
his swing is natural. 

Paul Malone says:

What is the swing thought to shallow out that plane to get that draw? Is it
hips,hands,arms or shoulders ? 

Jonathon page says:

I have the opposite problem,holding off without release like cricket,push
slice,im trying the ‘feeling’ like my hands are turning over and calm the
hips as club head goes through,seems to go straighter and better efficiency
from effort I put in

casey finnerty says:

When I try to swing from inside to out I sometimes hit behind the ball what
should I do?

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