Minecraft ENDER GOLF #3 with Vikkstar123 & PrestonPlayz (Minecraft Enderpearl Golf)

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Minecraft Ender Golf with me & Preston. Minecraft Enderpearl Golf. Enjoy! Previous Ep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2tlK0rdjOw Like my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/Vikkstar123…


Vikkstar123HD - Minecraft says:

Minecraft ENDER GOLF #3 with Vikkstar123 & PrestonPlayz (Minecraft
Enderpearl Golf)

Dutchyy _ says:

Sprint, jump, then trow the ender pearl, it makes it go farther

GarethTalks! says:

Golf was invented in Scotland :)

CleggyPlays says:

You should play GTA one day vikk, its pretty good especially if you have
friends to play with

MiniFouby says:

Im making a new name: it must have Nadz in it!
Any ideas???,


Wen will you do a ho to minecaft 2.0

Bradley Beckett says:

Vikk is actually really good at this 

Champion says:

720p60 HYPE!

seb carter says:

Vik sucks at minesweeper. But he’s damn good at ender golf.

Team Robot Gaming says:

When i watch Vikkstars videos, i listen to background music on low so i can
basically add custom background music. :D

Jelson975 | 1.1k says:

I got ere quick dint I…why did you read my comment like that?

MrUltimateEgg says:

Nice video! I really like this type of video’s

connor brown says:

How do you get capes!??

ThePnguin | Road to 50! says:

I don’t think I’ve watched a video of yours that I haven’t enjoyed lol. <3
you mate :)

BGinge 8 says:

Vikkstar uploading at a sensible time for where he lives?? WHAT IS

Mark Nigos says:

In Golf When You Land In water You Go Back 

Mike LaRusso says:

Dan lags has ender pearl golf map for download you should try

owen park says:

Golfing usually is won by Americans. Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, and much

LilMorrisonGames says:

I have seen this done before

MrFingerGamer says:

I like when Vick and Preston talk they look at eachothers character like as
if there in the game :P

Jonathan Kelly says:

Excellent video vikk and pursten

Doni Bobes - Minecraft Movies, Animations and more! says:

Gonna upload one of these right now :D

Belguimminecraft says:

Sub JFJgames to get a free rank on your favorite server its by 10 000 subs
on JFJ it can cost 10000000 dollar it doesnt make sense sub JFJGAMES

Julie Dial says:

Grasers golf place on cube?

John Lewis says:

Vikk in HTM season 2. You should make a golf course for everyone to go out
and play with each other 

Reyhan Salim says:

The mc golf map looks really cooooool

Anthony Garcia says:

U guys should get them golf clothes lol

catriona mccallum says:

Golf originated in Scotland!

King Crazy says:

Good vid Vikk

Sebastian Sanders-Lawrence says:

Thos would be a great cartoon base! Like if u argree

Joe Fleming says:

All these comments about people getting here quick….. nobody cares tbh

Danny Jazdzyk says:

Cool dude I’m really enjoying your vids ! Keep up the good work!

KiNgOf KiNgs3 says:

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I try so hard to make every single video better quality. The people who
watch my videos tell me that they’re good but I want to reach out to more
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David Fraser says:

Golfing was created in Scotland

Electronic Reviews says:

Will you guys bring the pack if I make a challenge for you guys?Xbox one

Lisa Molloy says:

Do a death cup

divi crafters says:

Vikks the doctor i knew it

Kristoff Uriel says:

Nice angles VIKK!

Ryan Cristoforo says:

Play the map Lachlan and Mitch played!

Josue Dejesus says:
ozzyandfriends doevreything says:


Jamie Dixon says:

Do the pack open, and do 4 rounds of golf with the pack an at the end who
ever has the lowest score wins

Om Patel says:

spot on golfing my good man

Ayman Akmal says:
tammie redmond says:

This just reminds me of graser and hbomb’s golf corse in cube 

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