Minecraft: FISH GOLF!

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Mitch VS Lachlan in this funny Minecraft Mini-Golf Putt Putt Challenge Game! Be sure to drop a ‘LIKE’ for more mini-games in Minecraft 🙂 ▻ PLAY MINECRAFT WITH ME ◅ http://thenexusmc.com/shop.


TheBajanCanadian says:

Mitch VS Lachlan in this funny Minecraft Mini-Golf Putt Putt Challenge

ColonialCyborg says:

Fish as the golf ball? Taking #fishfishfish to the next level!

Mrawesome2346 says:


david hozjan says:

When you shoot the ball on the corse edge You have to come back… At least
what i know…

Mr.Teefo Road to 2k subs says:

do the next 9 when they comes out!! really enjoyed this!!

Rawr McRawr says:

Pshhh… white people.

Christian Jacobucci says:


Veer Mehta says:

63rd comment

Manrulz34 says:

I can’t wait to start entertaining viewers by uploading videos just like
The Pack! Good job guys <3

Allen He says:

Bro golf is who ever is ready plays first 

JCPlays says:

I love these non PvP, but competitive minecraft vids! Keep up the good
work! I Love it

angel focker says:

+TheBajanCanadian can you please stop posting the same video twice it is
getting really annoying.

M daleus says:

He slide his balls into those holes

William Sherwood says:

Bajan love your vids
I have a question do I play clash of clans

Vipha Phat says:

#lachlanstolemitchfromjerome #Nowonly#malcanexist

Lina Hammett says:

Omg, I was ze 777th like!! ^_^

Ricardo Chazaro says:

Amazing thumb nail mitch! And as always great video :)

Kai Attley says:

The item hopper sends the dimonds into the beacon

Mrawesome2346 says:

Time for top comment

Screw it nvm 2late

Taylor Weiss says:

178 view! 53 Comment! 105 Like!

Jennifer King says:

Did anyone else hear Mitch swear? I swear I heard him swear!! :)

Your Stalker says:

lol nice vid Mitch

flappeercraft says:

mitch if u answer it will make my year

Wolf CuBB69 says:

“I’ll leave you’re skull intact, jesee!”
’cause that’s not creepy Mitch

Samantha Shimp says:

Hi!!! I love your videos on YouTube
And click to see what happens

Ha ha ha made you click on it

SniperHyperz says:

Lachlan didnt get his dismonds back because they went into the beacon

Caleb Barrier says:

I saw Lachlan upload this and i was waiting for your vid

Conner gliba says:

If you will help me get top comment I will be so happy thanks

Twitch Lord says:

Fish fish fish Mitch!!

Alaina Wilson says:

Loved the vid Benja

Dennis Perefo says:

Lachlans ball kept on disappearing because since there is a hopper
connected to the beacon

Nathan Arrendell says:

Me and my friends are so doing that love you vids

Bacon Savers says:

Mitch this is the best I’ve never seen such a funny minigam e

ItsCenturion says:


Adrian Loo says:

DO more lucky block minigames ps do spiral lucky blocks PLZZ I FANNN

BajanVegetarian says:

Mitch, confusing Jerome with Lachlan? #Machlan confirmed?

iinea13 says:

That map is well made. It looks nice!
And that’s a great idea!

Max Booth says:

Lachlan: “Just let me clean my balls.”
Mitch: “You don’t need to clean your balls.”

Jbettens Gaming-Clash says:

Fish fish fish Mitch new channel¿

Armaan Kapoor says:

hi mitch love ur videos

Villianjhon [Leader of the Walrus army] says:

Mitch has 4,496,666 subscribers. Oluminati confirmed.

Lightning Thunder says:

Any one else when they play mini golf in real life lost there ball in a
pipe leading down to the next area I did I grabbed 2 more and tested it and
oth of those 2 came out fine I was really mad the workers laghed were it

I also got my ball on a highway so… it was a hill stright down

Seino Zaher says:

Mitch can you put the link to this map, I’d like to play it myself. Thx!

SBS Remakes says:

COMMENT NUMBER 445!!!! #fishfishfish

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