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Kody Obert says:

+MoreJStu Id really like to thank you guys for how much of an inspiration
you guys are. Not only are you devoted Christians but you guys act
yourselves which made me act myself which is a devoted christian also with
some joking around and being appropriately funny so i thank you guys for
doing your videos, it may not sound like a big deal but i really appreciate
all that you guys do.

CinemaEnthusiast93 says:

5:00 – 6:50 Absolutely hilarious. Great Vlog guys!

Lindsay Lindsay says:

0:16 slow mo this

Kevin Fong says:

Can I have a granola bar?

Jacob Dennie says:

I watch you guys every day when I get off work, you guys are hilarious and
yall inspire me to do what I truly want in life. Hope you dudes never stop
making vids and hopefully yall can get into making movies and tv shows

kollinkoko says:

That uber part was hilarious :P

cdakiss says:

Justin looks like a nice version of Ramsay Bolton

prank einstein says:

I think it’s actually called a scramble.

Jaxson Christiansen says:

I was literally just watching your vlog while my sister was watching
TruTV’s top Funniest and your squeaky shoes vid was on it. 

Suzanne Tate says:

Her grapefruits when will your bid be up today

Joey Chimenti says:

I can’t explain how much I was exited for this vid keep them up I look
forward to them everyday

Melissa Altman says:

It’s refreshing to see youtubers who don’t swear in every sentence. I’m
glad I can watch you guys with my parents in the room. 

OMGCHEA! says:

Love the endings! Effin hilarious

Mark Barrera says:

Luv your vids keep up the good work big fan :)

olivia russell says:

make more eating loud HINGS LOL ITS SO FUNNY

ishowyouapple says:

I haven’t seen one bad comment on your vlogs. You know why, you guys are
genuinely humble and amazing people. Thank you for everything. 

iamFUTURElegend says:

don’t waste you’re time with opinion outpost

John Titor says:

good to see brittney in the kitchen where she belongs.

Jireh Burton says:

15th comment

Ben Wilson says:

I feel like we would be great friends if we hung out. Ya feel me?

javier urquidi says:

That uber skit was hilarious, was that like a Russian accent.

diego garcia says:

I liked andy’s dragon ball z shirt :)

Armin Brandstetter says:

Hey, seaweeds!
I don’t see any problem in doing brand-deals, as long as u stay
concentrated in your vids and vlogs. If they just stay some small things
you mention by the way, it doesn’t matters.

After all it helps you to continiue with your work 🙂

Ps. Please can you redo another CAGING video?!

MrAStudMuffin says:

Best ball is best score from each player lol scramble is the best shot

DeathTripp1355 says:

Opinion Outpost is awesome. I have over $100 saved up so far on it. A lot
of people are skeptical about it though cuz they ask you for your address
and stuff but you could just enter someone else’s address. For my account,
I enters in McDondalds address haha

Om G says:

justin and andy plz come to milwaukee wisiconsin i wanna meet you guys and
ive been wacthing your vids for almost 2 years

clipperspride101 says:

Brian Hoyer Pssh More like Brian Hoy-Ehh!!

Mark Barrera says:

Where’s Kevin (isekc)?

FaZe Spicy says:

Black is the color of my dick. Small is the size of it. Lol. 

Leomar Rodriguez says:

I love your videos. I live in miami FL

Caleb Larson says:

I like to golf

ferg spow says:

please do a prank where you guys become an uber driver and show up in a
golf cart

James Mcardle says:

+MoreJStu I want to say thank you you always make my day and when I am sad
and I watch you guys so thank you so much

Leaky Faucet says:


Om G says:

i really wanna drive those

penguinbmx says:

That stink that you guys got rained out, looks like y’all still had fun
though. Props to the grounds crew out there, course looks awesome.

robert says:

Taco sauce 

TMER14 says:

An Uber driver skit would be amazing! I laughed so much! Keep up the great

Three Air Films says:

It’s hard to do opinion outpost. I got denied for some reason. It must be
because I am only a junior in highschool.

Andre Campbell says:

I wish I had fun like yall 

heatheramnah says:

Can you read this a tell me 

thesylphofmind says:

I love your videos! :D

Logan Arrowood says:

Lol this looks Devine!

Prayag Patel says:

Hi I like bananas 

poodycakes says:

More hoy-ehh vidoes plzzz

Andrea 1 says:

I trust you guys and am always here for you. :)

Trav DaMan says:

CHRIS !!!!! 

vince trudeau says:

Go burritos go

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