Pendulum Technique plus Anchoring – A {Perfect Golf Swing Option by EA Tischler

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EA Tischler is the founder of the New Horizons Golf Approach and has self published 18 golf instructional books and is currently working on a series entitled The Secrets Of Owning Your Swing….


eagolfpro says:

Additionally, Rear anchor pendulum golfers will have less of a pendulum
look in the backstroke if they preload the anchor alignment like I did. If
I had started center and pendulumed more right than it would like like more
of a pendulum in the backstroke.

Phil Hurrle says:

The 2nd one was fat. A ‘wheelhouse’ action?

eagolfpro says:

peejay3, the second one was fat. However it was a pendulum action instead
of a wheelhouse action. It was fat because I was demonstrating a very rear
anchor version and I am built to be a center-left golfer. So unless I move
the ball back significantly I will have a tendency to catch it fat when
demonstrating rear anchor alignments.

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