Perfect Putting Set Up For Golf

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PGA Golf Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman talk about how to get in to a great set up for putting.


Chris Kerr says:

Definately going to try getting the hands closer together and try and swing
the putter more like a pendulum. I consistently 3 put on the greens and its
getting rediculous. I really struggle with distance on getting the ball
close to the pin from outside 20 feet. I always seem to underhit the putter
and come up well short. Definately need to spend some hours on the putting
green. Love the videos guys, keep it up.

kwon Samuel says:
Natts Bab says:


Chrissy N says:

My ball always go to the right, it doesn’t matter if I hit with iron,fair
wood, or driver. please I need help.. This is my first year of golfing. 

Wayne Potter says:

I like the comment on where your eyes should be!!! Can we see more eye
placements in set ups in the future? No pun intended

erikmarius says:

Hey guys, are you doing some more putting and short game videos? Thanks for
all the help!

Meandmygolf says:

Hi Mike, thanks for your comment. We like to see the club going similar
lengths to promote a smooth “no conscious acceleration through the ball.
What you don’t want to do is go short backswing then long through as this
will affect your acceleration too much. Hope that helps.

Meandmygolf says:

Thanks for your comment. That very much depends on the individual really
and the type of putter you are using. Where are your miss shots and what
putter do you have?

carlos perez says:

That putter looks short for him?

Mike Warren says:

Great advice chaps. Your videos get better and better. Just on putting, the
word ‘pendulum’ suggests an even back and forth movement, but my pro has
suggested a shorter backswing and a longer follow-through when putting. So,
if I go back 4 inches, I follow through 6 inches. Is this something you
would agree with?

SuperMozzman says:

Great video guys, the wide stance is interesting and something I’ve
tinkered with in the past. Are you advocates of the rotational putter swing
or straight back and straight forwards ?

SuperMozzman says:

I’ve a straight back and forward stroke – putter is an old oddessy blade,
any misses tend to go to the right.

Ryan Doherty says:

Wondering if you would recommend the putter in this video?

Meandmygolf says:

Your style of putter sounds like it will be more suited to a more of an arc
swing. This could also help if you are missing your puts to the right!

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