PurePoint Golf Video Lessons – How High Should You Tee the Ball for the Driver

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Too high or too low and the ball won’t meet the club in the right place. This tip from PurePointGolf.com teaches you how to set up your ball for the perfect …


webbum says:

Tee it high!

Cameron gildea says:

i tend to notice that if i tee it up high, it goes too high, so i tee it up
low, my dirver is a year old too

91basket says:

Tee it low, watch it go!

pat52010 says:

Wrong Answer; I tee the ball really high and hit LONG, Straight drives. I
use 4 inch tees and tee it up at least 2 1/2 inches high!! It took me many
months to figure this out with the 460cc driver….I am 56 years old and
have never hit it longer, even when I was a teenager!! I just started using
Pro Length Max Golf tees, these tees have a green mark to indicate 2 1/2 to
3 inches….try them you’ll love ’em!!!

John Rambo says:

You don’t know what you’re talking about. I participate in long drive
tourneys, and I tee the ball up high to catch it on the upswing. Hangtime =

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