Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club

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Close Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club #PorthcawlTour. Watch the guys playing around this breath talking links golf course in South Wales. Mark Crossfiel…


Mark Crossfield says:
Chase Pack says:

Hello mark if I have a 45° pitching wedge and a 50° gap wedge and I want a
higher lofted wedge like a 60° degree how many wedges do you think I should
have in the bag and what degrees based on what I already have? Please help

Alexsmoak808 says:

What’s up with rory? I don’t remember him having so many “striking” issues
on previous vlogs. 

Brady Bickford says:

Mark your a swagger

insomnijac says:

Great vids! Maybe don’t do the stableford scoring again, not always easy to
follow who’s up

i Mc says:

Great Golf Guys !

SuperSlifer2010 says:

Hey amazing log as usual guys. Just a idea you should do a vlog with a shot
timer just like lockey did the last few shots.
Show everyone speed golf can be played, maybe even played decently tooo

Brady Bickford says:

Hey Mark I have a queston: I am a freshman in High school and I just made
the varsity team I get nervous when I play in tournaments so I hit bad
shots any tips? Brady northern Michigan

nmcola56 says:


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