Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club #PorthcawlTour

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Close Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club #PorthcawlTour. Watch the guys playing around this breath talking links golf course in South Wales. Mark Crossfiel…


Mark Crossfield says:
Alan Ford says:

spot the mistake…On the first hole 12th there are two balls on the
green,locckey still to play and rory still to play SO WHO’S THE MYSTERY

Matt Caldwell says:

Whats the bit at the end? XD

Stuart Pollock says:

that ending hahahahahahaha

MetalAsFork says:

Ruh Roh….

MetalAsFork says:

+Mark Crossfield I just watched you flip me the bird in slow-mo about 22

I am dying… please leave that bit in.

IrishMan says:

loving the end hahaha

xhumz14 says:

nice vid as always mark

Andy M says:

Is this allo allo?

EL1T3NERVE says:

Lovin’ it as always 

Bob Hyslop says:

Nice pelt Lockey.

Ratbacon says:

I really cannot tell if that end bit with the par 3 was supposed to be

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